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Any other women on here been diagnosed with these? (my biggest being 9cm )
I went in to discuss freezing eggs as I’m going to have HSCT ( chemo )
Well that’s out the window for good as it’s highly unlikely I’ll fall pregnant or keep it.

So as it’s so huge I’m scared it will continue to grow and result in my needing a hysterectomy.
Which I won’t be able to have for a couple of years after HSCT. And the pain on top of everything else.

It’s all too much.

Any others experience in having these removed?
Did it upset your m.s?
Should I squeeze in this surgery before HSCT?

Losing heart as life has thrown just too much at me.
Hi Blueberry,
I'm so sorry you are going through so much pain right now...don't give up on yourself, things will get better.
I am sorry I don't have any advice about your medical situation but just know that you are a beautuful soul, helping many others over the years on this forum.
Believe in yourself that things will turn out okay and you will get through it.
Take care Blueberry, big hug.
Rose xxx
Hi Blueberry

Right now thing's must seem awful. You will come out the other side, no matter how bleak things must seem at the moment.
You are going to put yourself forward for HSCT, that is something only a fighter would do! YOU are a fighter!
If you want to private message me we can really talk about this further.
Be kind to yourself, and remember you deserve it!

Be kind to yourselves
Hi Blueberry,
I had two large uterine fibroids which did result in a hysterectomy. I was 46 so passed childbearing. Mine were big. One a little over a pound. I could feel it when running bouncing around. Ugh! This was ten months before Dx. Did that surgery have anything to do with having a diagnosing symptom? I don’t know. MS most likely there for years before. Surgery was not a big deal for me. I prepared and had strong abs. Recovery pretty smooth.

I also have lipomas all over! I don’t think one is related to the other but I am lumpy! I’m weird. :lol:
Thank you Rose and Valley for your kind words.
And thanks for sharing Catgirl1 it’s nice to hear good outcomes. Makes me feel not so alone with this pile of problems.

This just all gets a bit much sometimes.
I think it will be HSCT first then no doubt a few years later and operation on fibroid.
It will be very hard..
One operation at a time hopefully resulting in cures for both.
Thanks again.
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