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Hi there looking for any relevant experiences people can share with me.

Ms diagnosis 2017, symptoms since 2001.

I’ve always suffered with cold hands and feet, roadmap skin tone when I’m cold, occasional blue hands, overpowering chattering teeth/shivers. All these things seems to have got worse since my two big repulses over th last two years - although I’m otherwise well and unscathed.

Particularly when I have a cold virus I become very cold and often the only thing that makes me feel better is intense hat like a hot bath, sauna or hot water bottle.

Does anyone else suffer from this complete inability to tolerate cold?!?!

If I exercise outside and it’s cold it takes a long time for me to feel like my body temperature has adjusted to the outside temperature - and to begin with all I want to do is jump in a hot bath. When i do manage to get the blood pumping and arm up though I feel like a normal human again. What is the reason that MS affects circulation like this or is the bad circulation one of the potential causes (among myriad others)?
I've had cold feet for as long as I can remember.
I don't necessarily 'feel' cold, but when I touch my hands and feet, they are like blocks of ice. I think this is definitely a symptom of MS as I never used to have this problem.
All my life cold hands and feet.
Mine has gotten worse over time.
I often wear socks to bed
Also find a bath the best way to warm up for the longest.

I always thought my low iron was to blame.
But won’t be surprised if it’s m.s related.
Hi, we must be twins! I'm super sensitive to cold and also cold makes my MS worse. My first ( and hopefully only) admission came 18 months ago when I had progressive neurology after a cold weekend away, returning to cold house and got progressively worse in a cold ambulance, I recovered within 30 minutes on a warm neurology ward and then felt a complete fraud! I was in the middle of investigations for a numb leg at that stage and it did speed those up resulting eventually with the diagnosis.
I understand many people with MS have an intolerance to heat and that a much smaller proportion have a intolerance to cold. I know I do have spinal demyelination around the sensory pathways. If I get cold and wet my symptoms progress and as soon as I'm back in a warm place I'm dramatically better within minutes.
It means I try not to go out in the winter and if I do I look like a bag lady with all the layers. It's not helpful with the fuel bills and most of the year I need an electric blanket. Am I glad summer seems to be here!
Best wishes. P.
This is also a symptom of thyroid issues.
Dx 1992 OMS 25-2-09
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