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Rather by chance, I discovered that taking supplements of dried Lion’s Mane Mushroom had the wonderful effect of making the neuropathic pain in my feet disappear! This horrible symptom used to have me hopping about like a cat on a hot tin roof when it set in as I literally could not bear to put any weight on whichever foot was affected. I had looked for solutions online and only found advice to a) exercise; b) rest or c) take extra strong painkillers.

Unrelated to the neuropathic pain issue, I had come across a reference to a study where the researchers had deliberately damaged the myelin sheaths of rats with watchmakers tweezers (poor rats). They then fed the rats Lions Mane and observed that the myelin was repaired itself. I thought it could not hurt to try it, found a supplier and started taking just over 2000mg a day in split doses (online searches suggest dose is usually 500 to 3000mg a day).

Within 10 days, I noticed that the foot pain was easing considerably, soon after that it pretty well disappeared from my life. Eight months on, I only ever get the occasional twinge of pain. That’s usually a sign that I am late taking my dose of Lion’s Mane.

The Lion’s Mane Mushroom has been used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years and is increasingly attracting the attention of researchers in the Western world. It is particularly linked to helping with neurological conditions, and appears to be extremely safe.

I would not want to be without my Lion’s Mane supplements now and would go as far as saying that everyone with MS should consider trying it. A substance capable of crossing the blood brain barrier, promoting nerve growth and stimulating myelin production - as Lion’s Mane apparently does - definitely sounds like good news for anyone for MS.

Which form of Lion’s Mane?

I achieved the benefit described above by taking dried Lion’s Mane. Once you start researching medical mushrooms, you will discover that some hold the full benefit of medical mushrooms can only be gained if one opts for a dual extracted product. This refers to an extract produced by subjecting the dried mushroom to both hot water and alcohol extraction processes.

The reason given for the dual extraction is that mushrooms’ cell walls are extremely hard and our bodies will not derive the full benefit if the dried mushroom is simply turned into a powder.

I am now going to add dual extracted Lion’s Mane to my regime and see if I gain even more benefit!

If you are looking to buy some Lion’s Mane, it might be worth doing an online search for ‘medical mushrooms’. I got more results that way.
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The OMS site & forum are brilliant! Thanks, everyone! :D
I also started investigating medicinal mushrooms and now am taking Lion's Mane as well as Reishi. I got some dual extract organic powder from a great supplier, because it worked out so much cheaper (as it's bulk) and I can just measure out 1500mg on a level tea spoon.

Additionally I also want to start taking Cordyceps because (according to a mycotherapist) it will help with my fatigue.

However I want to exercise some caution because I'm just about to start my 1st DMT - Plegridy - and I don't want to interfere with it or make the compounds react together negatively. But I'd rather do both - the mushrooms and Plegridy. I have read as many studies as I could find, but don't think there have been any combining the mushrooms with existing MS drugs. So is this just going to be a leap of faith?! Do you or anyone else have an opinion on this?
Hi - since seeing the post about Lion's Mane, I too have tried it. I have been suffering with quite severe neuropathic pain for about 7 years on the left hand side of my body, including my face. I tried a homeopathic remedy (because I was suffering so badly despite strong painkillers) and that certainly helped a lot but since I have tried Lion's Mane (about 11 days now) I am almost pain free. I have no pain in my face at all so to me - it has been a wonderful experiment so far. Thankyou so much to Jette for posting your experience.
PS - this is the very first time I have ever typed a reply on any forum!
Since reading Jette's post I have bought and am taking Lion's Mane for my Bilateral neuropathic numbness and pain.
It is working after just a few days !
Well worth the money and Organic too . I am combining the mushroom extract with weekly Acupuncture as well as Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy.
(I am still DMD free after 8 years on OMS).......Onwards and Upwards I say !

Thank you Jette for posting about this amazing gift from nature ! :D :) ;)
DX 07.2007. In to year 13 of OMS .
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I would like to try it out to for my neurotic pain in my left hand.
DavidBristol. can you give the name of your supplier please .
Four sigmatic make a good dual extracted Lions Mane coffee ... check out their other coffees and hot chocolates too!
I haven't been on this site for a while, but came onto this forum specifically to see if anyone could suggest anything for neuropathic pain (I have it in both my arms). How wonderful to find Jette still coming up with the goods.. What a potentially amazing find - I will definitely give it a go.
Lion’s Mane mushroom continues to be a huge success for me in terms of managing MS symptoms. It has now not only hugely improved my neuropathic foot pain but also got rid of the tinnitus and deafness that was increasingly affecting one of my ears.

Buying a Lion’s Mane Supplement

Having posted we all ought to look for dual extract Lion’s Mane (rather than the dried, powdered mushroom that so spectacularly got rid of my foot pain), I thought I’d better set about trying some dual extract myself.

My first trial was with a liquid dual extract. I think this is also known as a tincture. This didn’t actually work that well for me. Despite taking the maximum recommended dose, there were increasingly frequent stabs of the old foot pain.

More online research revealed that a better option might be a powder, where the liquid has been evaporated off after the water and alcohol extraction. One is then more sure of ingesting actual mushroom, rather than just the liquid used for the extraction process.

Tracking down a dual extract Lion’s Mane powder required quite a few hours of detective work. Lots of results came up when I searched for Lion’s Mane mushroom supplements but the vast majority turned out to be simply dried powdered mushroom. These products are relatively inexpensive.

Adding ‘extract’ to the search string narrowed the results but I was now coming up with sites that sold dual extracts of some medical mushrooms (usually Chaga and Reishi) and Lion’s Mane that had been subjected only to hot water extraction.

Thinking that I might have to settle for one of these products, I set about trying to find out what I’d be missing out on without the alcohol extraction. And thus dipped my big toe into what is clearly a huge and complex field where fierce debates take place about the most effective method of extraction; the desirability of using only the fruiting body of the mushroom (the above-ground part) versus using both the fruiting body and the mycelium (below-ground part); the nature of the growing medium etc. etc.

Online guides to choosing a Lion’s Mane supplement:

Helpful advice from the Nootropics Expert site:

Useful but quite techical:
https://www.reddit.com/r/Nootropics/com ... suggested/

Informative but written by someone from the Oriveda brand, so no prizes for guessing what products end up being recommended:
https://oriveda.wordpress.com/what-you- ... -supplemen

My choice
Having digested these guides, I set about contacting a selection of UK online suppliers of mushroom products to ask for details of their extraction processes. The majority did not reply but I had helpful responses from http://www.nutri-fungi.com and http://www.vitalherbs.co.uk - both confirmed that their Lion’s Mane products were water-extractions.

MycoNutri.com however, replied that:

MycoNutri Lion's Mane contains Hericium erinaceus fruiting body and mycelial biomass as well as hot-water extract and ethanolic extract.

At last! A dual extract Lion’s Mane powder from an apparently reputable supplier (a UK company established by a bio-chemist). The website is http://www.mycoNutri.com and the products can be ordered from http://www.mushroomnutrition.com. The Lion’s Mane powder is available as capsules and as loose powder. Once you reach a minimum order value they offer free worldwide shipping.

A 200g tub of MycoNutri Lion’s Mane powder is not cheap. I worked out that if I were to take the maximum dose of 3000 mg a day, a tub would last me something like 67 days and the daily cost would be around £1. By comparison, taking the equivalent dose of the Orvieda brand (available from. Amazon.co.uk), would come out at twice as expensive.

So I am now measuring out two 1500 mg / 1.5 g doses of the Myco-Nutri powder on a set of micro scales a day. Taking the Lion’s Mane with a source of Vitamin C helps absorption and taking a small dose of citicholene (I take 120mg with each dose of Lion’s Mane) at the same time apparently increases NGF (Nerve Growth Factor).

Good article on Lion’s Mane:
http://www.greenmedinfo.com/blog/lion-s ... ous-system
The Gut Microbiome is KEY to optimal health.
The OMS site & forum are brilliant! Thanks, everyone! :D

Thanks very much for your wonderful info about Lion’s mane and neuropathy.
My left arm is driving me insane. The numbness alternating with crazy itching, the elastic band sensation tightening over and over again...it is so tiring and depressing.

I hope I will find the same relief that you did with this mushroom.

Thanks again!

I bought the Lion’s mane supplements 2 weeks ago. So far, I have had no positive results. I was pinning all my hopes on ths, so I am really hoping that it will start working soon. My neuropathy is just so painful now, it is the most fistressing symptom I have.
Fingers crossed!
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