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Hi everyone,

I’ve always struggled with bouts of fatigue, some days are particularly bad where I’ve had to have a two hour nap this afternoon and I still feel tired! I know this is a common side effect of MS and I’m hoping over time it will lift a bit with these changes I’ve made but I just wondered if any of you had any tips for combatting it - foods you eat etc, did you find it was lifted with the diet or maybe taking meds? It’s so frustrating to feel wiped out when I’ve had a good night sleep and it’s affecting my concentration at times!


Hi Victoria,

A lot of people seem to find that getting your Vit D levels high enough helps with fatigue, I find that excersize helps.

Hi Brian,

I’m going to up my dose of vitamin d and see if this helps, thank you for your reply!

Definitely get vit D level up.
Low iron and b12 can cause it too.

I’m on an antidepressant that makes me very tired, so if you are on meds they can be a cause.

What helped me also was going on LDN.

Being tired all the time sucks.
Hope you get your energy back soon.
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