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I wonder if you guys can help.

I was recently diagnosed in May with CIS. Since then i have been following OMS diet and have felt loads better. My original lift sided numbess and pins and needles has improved hugely although not completely resolved and i have felt so much better mentally.

I guess i was feeling so much better that i have recently in the last 4 weeks started to add a little dark chocolate into my diet and eaten a few other more processed foods like a few bags of crisps and popcorn and tried to count my grams of saturated fat instead of follow the diet strictly as i was before. I have been in positions at work where i've had to buy food on the run and I guess i just got too comfortable with my improving signs and my willpower reduced. I have not eaten any dairy or meat, but have had the odd thing with coconut oil in too. :-(

10 days ago i developed continuous tinnitus in both ears, possible more left sides its really hard to tell as it's just a constant. I was having a very stressful week and I am really concerned that this is a relapse episode. I was due to see my consultant last week anyway and had only had it for about 2 days then. He totally dismissed it as nothing related. He plans to MRI me in December but i am now so concerned i have relapsed.

Has anyone else experienced this? Have any advice? I will obviously from now on not deviate from the diet but i'm feeling terrible. I am finding the mental struggle hard enough and now have this guilt that i have not followed the diet strictly. Any words of wisdom/support would be great.

Thanks in advance,

Hayley xx
Hi Hayley.

I'm sorry to hear that you are experiencing a worrying time at the moment... I had to reply because your story sounds almost identical to how mine started 8 years ago and I hoped it might put your mind at ease, even a little, until you can get your MRI in December... I too had left sided numbness and told it was CIS... my husband and I were equally terrified and decided that we didn't want it to turn into MS and stuck strictly to the diet for 6 years... Until that repeat MRI a year after the initial scan I experienced many 'strange' symptoms that I often worried was a new lesion.... When each subsequent scan was clear I got a little more confident... then two years ago I started sneaking junky type food here and there and some dairy...and then eventually meat. It definitely is a slippery slope. I've just had a very stern wake up call and have ten new lesions in two years and so am hoping this might A.) give encouragement that your tinnitus is likely unrelated as your neuro suggested and B.) plead with you to stay strict on the program. I actually wonder sometimes if the stress/guilt of knowing we're eating things we shouldn't could be just as much as a cause for the inflammation as the food itself.. I feel much less resentful of missing out on foods this time round as I've finally realised that this is my one life and I can experience joy from so many other things than dairy. Lol...
I hope that it settles down for you very soon and you can regain some confidence.
Best of luck :)
Thanks Mel, I really appreciate your reply. I'm really hoping the tinnitus is something else and will settle, its just very worrying and hard to see past it right now but your comments have helped.

Here's to being back on track with diet for both of us and no more lesions.


This too shall pass ;)
Hello everyone!
I'm curious if someone is could get read of tinnitus? Have you ever heard such experienc?
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