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Hi all

Check out ms today. Low dose aspirin has been found to suppress some ms symptoms! Interesting!


Be kind to yourselves!
Hi Valley,
I believe Low dose asprin is also a treatment for Hugh’s Diease.
Which can have similar symptoms to M.S, for a while my doctor put me on low dose asprin while I took a blood test to check if it was Hugh’s and not M.S after all..
It was negative...

Anyway I was on low dose asprin for 6 months and I felt really well on it.
So I wouldn’t be surprised if does help m.s.
Worth looking into more.
Don't you just wish they were a little faster at getting this stuff going. You read so many 'new possibilities' then find out it's been looked into 10 years before and nothing came of it. Then we end up back at the same thing!
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