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Hi all

Check out ms today, they talk about treating this holistically!
Everything is very similar to what we are doing food wise, with the exception of eating chicken and turkey and using coconut oil and palm oil.

Worth a look!


Be kind to yourselves!
Hi Valley,
After the long list of things not to eat on this diet, I’m really struggling with coconut. I think coconut is the ingredient that is the saving grace of a plant based diet and I honestly love it! I can live with omitting everything else quite happily :)
How many people here eat coconut based recipies a every once in a while? Coconut fat has a low melting point so at body temp it is liquid...?
This may answer your question


There is a massive list of things to eat, try to see it as what you can eat rather than the other way around. If you eat more of what you can it will help squeeze out what to avoid eating. It does get easier over time so don't sweat the small stuff as you incorporate changes.
I think some members use coconut essence to get the coconut flavour in their dishes this might be of help in your dishes too.
When you say coconut do you mean the whole food of the coconut or do you mean the refined oil.
If it is the refined oil you might like a read of this on the path of coconut to be around so much as for me it shed some light on the situation it also explained the influx of palm oil use, though I think that might be more to do with commercial food products.
https://www.forksoverknives.com/the-rea ... s.XVL2TudM
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