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Hi all

Just when I think I have made up my mind on biotin, today on ms today they wrote about how high dose biotin can be very beneficial for some people.

Definitely worth a read, as it backs up what I had already read!
It adds to the quandary I feel about this!


Be kind to yourselves!
I was on HDB for 9months but it didn’t do anything for me but I have heard that some people have had good responses from this. Everyone is different I suppose. It’s worth giving it a go. No side effects but costs around $175 for 3 months in Australia.

Good luck
I have trialed it for over a year of varying strengths but have not seen any obvious benefit.
the cost in NZ is similar and I can't sustain paying for it anymore, so presently I am scaling down the dose and when it runs out that will be the last.
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I have been using it for over 2 years now, I’m noticing improvements in certain areas. Like I’m sitting up and getting out of bed better, I am writing with my original preferred hand again, I can do hamstring curls with my weaker leg again, my foot drop has improved(my shoes are lasting longer ha ha). I have for the first time in my life been able to put on weight which some could see as not ideal?
Generally just all around little improvements which I think are complimentary to the OMS lifestyle.
I personally think when the trails are complete for High Dose Biotin, we will have more questions than answers? Regarding the link between Thyriod function and the way our(MS) bodies metabolise fats?
Is the treatment a kind of smoke and mirrors type approach where the body stops attacking itself because it’s presented with a distraction?
Could the treatment have other side effects long term? Who knows?

Time will tell.
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