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Hi all

Very interesting post on ms news today.
It is about early life use of antibiotics, and there effect on the gut and auto immune conditions.
My mother was a great believer in antibiotics and there "powers". As an adult I argued about using them as a first defence. However, as a child the choice is often not your own.

Has anyone else experience of a lot of antibiotics?
Or an opinion on the topic?


Be kind to yourselves!
When I was little, I had a lot of UTI's so had quite a few doses of antibiotics!
I try to limit their use to the maximum because of the negative effect on the liver.
There is a theory that antibiotic overuse (along with diet, stress etc..) contributes to candida infestation which affects the immune system, potentially leading to auto-immune disease.

I'm not sure there is a lot of scientific research in the area - most of the evidence is anecdotic.
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