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Hi there,

I just have a question about the supplements I take..

At OMS they only talk about Vitamin D an Omega3 is important.

I drink magnesium, all amino acids (minerals), Omega3 tablet, calcuim, ph powder, osteoease.

I also just bought flaxseed oil.. if I use flaxseed oil can I still drink my Omega3 tablet?

Thanks in advance :D
I take supplements regularly - Omega 3, Calcium, Magnesium and Zink. I buy them online from Pharmacy Online. They are certified and legal. You need to send a prescription if needed thus I can trust them.
Hi there,

I take a few supplements- mostly for a previous condition. I have regular blood tests with an integrative/functional doctor to check everything is in balance. This works for me because it prevents me from buying unnecessary vitamins (which are damned expensive) and it is also not quite as harmless as it seems, for example if you unknowingly have a zinc deficiency and you take anything with copper in it you're going to make yourself pretty sick.

That's just my experience with the confusing world of supplements.

Cheers, fiona
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