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Hi All,

I'm curious about peoples thoughts on electric blankets.

My naturapath talked me into giving it away because he said it acts like an antenna to the body, even when switched off, which is really bad for anyone with MS (or any neurological condition).

However, others have said that they are fine as long as they are only used to warm the bed and are turned off AND unplugged before you get in.

I know a number of people here use electric blankets, just wondering whether it is considered safe?

Mmmmmm, I'd like to see the evidence. I personally would need a lot of solid evidence to manage without my electric blanket. Not only do I have MS that ( relatively unusually) is much worse in the cold, I feel it relaxes my muscles, minimises the spasms and allows me to get that oh so precious sleep.
Best wishes, P
I just use a hot water bottle if I need to warm the bed.
Yes I've used wheat packs the last few years.

Starting to wonder though if the electric blanket it not as bad as I thought...
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