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Hi and can anyone relate to this??

After almost 1 year on the program I am noticing that old sensory symptoms (from 1 year ago) that I thought were in the past are reoccurring while at the same time more recent sensory symptoms are dramatically improving. Numbness covered 80% of my body at one point, and as awful as that was, it was at least quite fixed I place. Now I have numbness flashing on and off and moving from here to there and pins and needles just about everywhere moving in swarms across my body. I have noticed a very slow improvement in fatigue and other issues throughout this past year but this is quite extraordinary.

Has anyone else gone from being numb for a long period of time to gaining feeling back? What was your experience? Can anyone relate to this??
Hi Jul

I feel sensation slowly coming back also.
When I rub creams into my legs and feet sensation is vastly improved to what it was!
I hope and pray for more improvements going forward!

The way I look at it is when your feet go to sleep they are numb at first, then they get pins and needles and then finally return to normal.
This I feel is my body slowly returning to this pattern!

This is a good thing and brings that wonderful thing called "hope".
As I said before if it could be bottled we would all be buying it!


Be kind to yourselves!
Hi, I have been following the OMS lifestyle close to 2 1/2 years and definitely getting feeling back.

As I am improving I feel things like with my hand and think that’s a bit strange, then realise no that is how it should be. :D

Life is good on OMS and definitely makes a difference ;)
I found this. Not so bad to start off with, but after a year, sensory problems started to improve and after 3 years there were no sensory problems at all. :D :D :D
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Thank you Geoff and Casselalison,

I AM indeed getting feeling back. I am experiencing more feeling along with an intense vibration through my limbs and pins and needles everywhere that I was numb. The process is making me tired psychologically. It is a bit of a carnival deep inside my body. Have others felt this I wonder? It is also distracting when feeling returns because it feels weird but it is just that I can feel it now. Just like you said Geoff. You’ve both given me hope.
Thank you.
Hi Everyone,
Your replies gave kept me going the last couple of months. Any more experience you have would be much appreciated.

I am definitely getting feeling back. I celebrated my 1 year anniversary on the diet this month. Been very strict with diet, vit. D, meditation, exercise, sleep and it is paying off. The numbness is losing its grip, my skin and movements are better. The numbness flashes on and off now and at night I am covered with pins and needles instead. I can feel the sheets, the cold tile floor beneath my feet and the feeling of cold cream on my feet. Bliss...

The new development is I feel woozy. I feel like my balance is off and I am woozy. It is worse with activity. All of my lesions are in my cervical cord and I wonder if the new load of signals going through now is causing it. I was profoundly numb and it was widespread. When I was very numb I felt very stable.

Any experience you have would be appreciated. I am not on meds but if I were I would think it is that.
Many thanks to this forum. Where else would I find a community of people recovering from MS?

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