Has anyone experienced symptoms after being injected with Gadolinium during a MRI? I just had my 3rd MRI (last 2 in 2010) for an unrelated condition and I immediately had shooting pain in my arm and numbness/tingling in my hand. I haven't had numbness/tingling for several years since my spinal lesion healed and now it is progressing into my calves and feet. I am also getting muscle twitching and sharp twinges of pain.

After researching a bit, apparently gadolinium is retained by the body for years even though patients are told it's excreted within a couple days by the kidneys. There's a whole support group for gadolinium toxic individuals with symptoms similar to mine and also much much worse. I have been requesting to join the group all week with no response, so thought maybe someone on this forum can offer some guidance on this topic.

Thank you,