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Hi guys,

has anyone ever experienced pain like from a bruise but there are no bruises? I've had touch sensitive spots sometimes more like lines on my body that were extremely painful, especially in contact with cold metal. I've had this on and off since 2015 but it stopped when I changed my diet to OMS and started MS treatment. I asked my GP before my MS diagnosis and she just rolled her eyes and since then I've been reluctant to bring it up to my neurologist (I know it's silly but just remembering my GPs reaction I was a bit scared to ask and I didn't have it in such a long time in didn't seem necessary to ask about symptoms I don't have)

This is a new symptom and I don't really know if it's the same thing: My left eyebrow has been hurting for about three weeks now. Only when I touch it but if I do it feels like a deep scratch or cut then the pain gets a bit weaker only to come back worse after a few seconds almost like a burning sensation (Sort of like a chemical burn from harsh peelings but worse, if that makes sense). There's no bump, no redness, no ingrown hair, I can't feel or see anything there. It's been getting better and my appointment with my doc is only in three weeks, so I wanted to ask if anyone has experienced that before?
I tried to google it but only found trigeminal neuralgia and with descriptions of pain attacks on one side of the face and that definitely doesn't sound remotely similar. I only have pain in that spot and ONLY when I touch it.
I've been having similar pain without the burning sensation in my arms, legs and on my stomach slightly to the left, from just under the rib cage to my bellybutton. I could "trace" the pain by feeling for it with my fingers for like always between 10-15cm and it feels like it's just under my skin. I think it's always been on the left side apart from one time, which would also match up with my MS symptoms also only affecting my left side.
Before my MS diagnosis I tried to explain these symptoms to my GP and a rheumatologist and both had no idea what i was talking about.

I'm not to concerned or bothered with the pain but it is kind of annoying and I would like to know what it is.
I'm gonna bring it up with my neurologist, but I would just like to know what kind of questions to ask. Has anyone had this before and maybe knows what kind of specialist I could ask to be referred to if it has nothing to do with MS (since my GP is useless and asks me what I "want to do").

Hi Katie

I understand what you're talking about. I have had MS for ten years, and over that time I have experienced a variety of strange sensations on and off. I have certainly had the 'invisible bruise' sensation, and I also went through a period of not knowing the difference between hot and cold sensations when I was in the shower, for example. 'Invisible in-grown hair' is another one! My MS is pretty active, so I can't recall all the weird sensations I have experienced (!), but I am currently pretty stable, having been on the OMS programme for almost 6 years.

With regards to your GP, generally GPs know next-to-nothing about MS! It sounds as though your GP doesn't enjoy being less knowledgeable about MS than you, hence the slightly dismissive attitude! My last GP was very up-front with me and said - "you will know far more about your MS than I do", but was great and listened and tried to find out the answers to any questions I had. Your neuro or MS nurse would probably be a better person to ask about this sort of thing, but I would say it is more than likely MS-related.

Hope this helps.

I had a pain like this when I was in hospital recently. I was given Oxycodone which was fantastic but you're not meant to take it for too long I think. You can find more information on it on Canada Pharmacy
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