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Hi all

If you are, or want to go gluten free for Christmas, but still want to enjoy a beer their is actually a nice choice.

My favourite and the one I recommend is Peroni gluten free beer!

It is the nicest of any beer I have had (gluten or gluten free)


Be kind to yourselves!
Hi, I have been preferring beer from smaller brewers as they use old method settlement so no fish bladders etc. used.
Whilst not gluten free I like beers like Bishop's Finger
I used to like beer, maybe it's worth a shot. Thank you!
Hi Valley sounds like a great tasting beer. Though you are lucky you can still do alcohol. Unfortunately it looks like alcohol is out for me. For an Aussie male that has used the end of week work drinks as a great social, as well as personal release for the last 30 years it will be a big adjustment. A sad one too )) :

I've known alcohol has been an issue for me ms wise for a little while but I didn't want to face it, so it stayed in the diet. Now I'm at the stage where I can't afford to muck around so its out.

Have one for me can you.
Brew your own - that way you know what goes into it. Even the gluten free pale ale kits are alright, not the same but OK.

I'm not gluten free personally, but would recommend the beer and cider kits - loads of info on beer brewing websites, and a great hobby as well as knowing what goes into your brews.
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