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Since my relapse in November loud noises and bright lights bring on my symptoms - Fatigue, foot drop and brain fog. Meditation helps and anti-glare glasses. Sensory overload has a big impact on my life.
Are the symptoms from the november relapse or ongoing things? I used to get sensory overload and still do on occasion.
Although it never triggered symptoms, I would just find certain sounds unbearable and anything loud or busy hard to handle.

As it hasn't been very long from your last relapse hopefully it will get a lot better as you heal.

I'm sorry I don't have any tips or advice. I hope you recover soon.
It's been a long time since you posted this and I hope you're okay. Let us know how you are.

I had this too after my first major relapse in summer 2010. The sights and sounds of everyday life were overwhelming but this improved as inflammation reduced and I began meditating frequently. As an introvert, I still prefer cool clear space to busy environments but I can cope better with the busyness that is all around us.
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