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Hi all, a friend recently asked me if I have tried Celery juice, I hadn’t thought about it too much until I searched the internet and surprise, surprise, the “Celery juice movement” is a “Thing”, What! I don’t know any reputable sources but Apparently it helps Autoimmune diseases??
Just wondering has anyone had a go a drinking large quantities of celery everyday? Did you notice any benefits?

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Hi there....very tardy reply but I've only just logged in to this site. I'm the oms ambassador for Cornwall and have recently mentioned celery juice to the group with a mixed response. I've tried it myself for a month now. I look at but don't necessarily follow Anthony William online and some of his recommendations...he's worth a look, has a big following and has produced quite a few books on the subject. I've noticed marginally better skin, possibly less tiredness and possibly better sleep. This could also be due to recently avoiding caffeine altogether though. It's a bit upsetting (on the toilet front) to begin with. On one hand I'd say it's very oms so go ahead and try it. I didn't particularly like celery and can now tolerate it. The possible drawback comes from one of my members who mentions the probable high load of contaminants in non-organic celery. I've sorted this by buying organic now at twice the price!! Honestly, I'm not sure how long it'll last - the changes weren't dramatic but it's suggested you stay taking it for the long-term. Hope this helps a bit.
I am drinking celery juice every morning for a year and my MR is stable. Celery juice helps me with the eczema and digestion, so i expect that it is good for my MS.
Celery is a cure for hunger, and that's only with some cheese or dip. It is NOT a cure or treatment for anything else. I've been writing an essay on alternative medicine using help of https://www.topwritersreview.com/reviews/papersmart/ . Don't even bother unless you really like the taste of celery so much that you want to drink it. Placebo effects are real though, but they are limited to cognitive outcomes. They can make you feel better but not cure a disease.
Celery juice can not be recommended for anyone who experiences bowel continence issues. Best to start off with small volumes to allow your digestion to adjust and then go from there.

My yoga teach is an advocate of organic celery juice, but AFAIK there is only anecdotal evidence to support its benefits.
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