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Good morning OMSers

I've been back 100% on program for 6 full months now and just clocked up losing 10 kg. Back in 2011 when I first developed MS I did the same thing and it only took another 18 months or so and I considered myself recovered.
I'm not recovered by any stretch of the imagination at present but I dare to dream. Reaching my fighting weight milestone feels like a very sweet marker on the road to recovery again.

I really get what a miserable disease MS is and I'm sorry that we have to go through this but on the other hand I also think it has been the biggest blessing that has forced me to change my lifestyle. So we are all at various points of struggle on our journey to wellness but at least there is a professional support site to help us through to remind us of the evidence, of the testimonies, for the recipes.

Since my relapse in October I have battled with a combination of leg weakness, cognitive issues, fatigue, stuttering, sensory changes. But I'm so much more relaxed this time from experience and knowing that the good Prof has given us a solid program - the keys to wellness. The only x factor I add, in addition to faith in the program, is faith in our Creator.

The meditation and spiritual aspect of the journey I think is really helping me. Inside I'm feeling so much more centred and focussed. I'm really enjoying my mornings getting up early and listening to motivating content while stretching and exercising. I then meditate for 20 minutes each day in my lunch hour and finish off at night with some reading.

The days that I'm not well I just try to gently push through because really what's a bit of limping anyway? If I can't remember stuff I can Google it. If I'm tired I can rest my eyes for few minutes. I guess I just refuse to give up but there are times when I've had to stop. Like last week when I took the skin off my hand from doing work in the yard. I modified my exercise routine but didn't reduce the weights and ended up tearing a muscle in my neck. Ouch it was a pain in the neck literally and I'm slowly recovering again.

Anyway, hope everyone is doing okay. I'm going on holidays in two days and couldn't be more excited.

Developed 5 May 2011, Diagnosed 4 Aug 2011, OMS 15 Sept 2011, Gluten-Free 22 February 2012, Recovery declaration 2 September 2014, Relapse 14 October 2019, Recovery declared again 1 November 2020.
Hi Alex

Glad you're feeling well. I agree, MS is not something any of us wanted, but with the right perspective, it can change your life for the better. It's my 43rd birthday today, and this evening I'm going to be on stage doing my first ever comedy set! I wonder what I'd have written jokes about, if not MS?!

Wow! Your e-mails are the highlights (and the solace) of my (otherwise rather grey and disappointing) day! Thank you both so much for sharing!
Congratulations to you, Alex, on your weight loss as much as on your reborn hope and your spiritual journey! May your recovery from your relapse continue!
Happy birthday to you, dear Rachel! I am keeping my fingers crossed that comedy program is turning out to be a great success and you will have double reason to celebrate this evening!
Best wishes
Good stuff Alex enjoy the holiday.
I'm so inspired with the story! Thanks for sharing, Alex. Can anyone else share such positive experience too?
Maybe I don't have such an inspiring story, but I definitely feel better when I'm in a good fit. My general state of health worsens as soon as I gain weight. That's why I try not to neglect fitness activities and watch my diet. I borrow many useful information from the website, if needed. I'm sure some of their articles inspire you to keep fit too.
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