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Hi there,
does anyone know what level of supplements that Professor Jelinek recommends people without M.S. should be taking?
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It's reckoned that most people in the western hemisphere, especially those with darker skin, have deficient levels of vitamin D and thus should supplement. In the UK, a vitamin D level test costs about £30 , which a person without MS would have to pay. Ideally we'd get all of our body's required vitamin D by sun exposure, but in the west that's not always possible.

Other than that, it's recommended that people find their nutrition though their diet, but the feasibility of that depends on where food is bought from. Non-organic farming methods deplete the soil of the broad spectrum of nutrients, replacing on nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus, so even food that looks delicious and healthy may not be providing the full variety of nutrients that our bodies need. Organic is the way to go, but I am suspicious about supermarket organic food because of its ample supply.

Farm organic is probably closer to the ideal, or growing your own.

Much of this depends on budget and time. Me? I buy supermarket organic for convenience.

No one ever died from taking vitamin and mineral supplements in the correct dosages, and I take a variety of pills each day. However, while the vitamins and minerals are good, the rest of the pill may not be as it consists of binding agents and fillers. This is where your choice of brand comes in and I believe that Udos is best for purity.

May of the vitamins can be taken in their pure form, such as vitamin C in pure ascorbic acid powder form (but brush your teeth afterwards; it is an acid afterall).

After all that, to answer your question: I do not know what supplements the Professor recommends for people without MS, other than vitamin D3.
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