Hello all, hope you're all doing well.

Just in case you were unaware, if you make a purchase on Amazon, you can purchase it through amazon.smile and donate to a a small slice to a charity of your choice. You don't need to create a new account, just log in to it with the smile. prefix, and then select your beneficiary.. I know it only exists in a few countries, like I know for example it doesn't exist in Spain, but it does in the UK, so if you're buying on Amazon anyway then you might as well donate somewhere. It doesn't bump up the cost.

Anyway, according to the stats, 540 quid has been raised for OMS in the UK alone since it's inception, so it is well worth it in these strange time where charities are possibly being forgotten about.

Also, is there a receiving mechanism for BAT crypto currency that accumulates on 'Brave' web browser for OMS?