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Long time no speak!!
Been following OMS since 2012. All good until I had a relapse earlier this year. I’m ok; still running, still weight training. I am starting ocrelizumab on Friday!!
Keep following OMS. It’s the way forward!!
Lots of love to you
Phil xx
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Hi. Nice to hear from another 'oldie'.
I started oms 2013. Glad to hear it's going well for you too! L
Sorry to hear about the relapse. Stay the course!

Sounds like you're on top of this and running and exercising, hope your start on the treatment is working out well for you too, take care.
That's awesome to hear, even more for a newbie like myself!
Happy holidays everyone :)
Hello! That's great!
Also been here since 2012, seems to be working for me :D
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