The Kaufmann diet anyone tried it? If so your experience? Apologies if I've asked before.

His take on things are that chronic disease/auto immune is caused by a fungal infection where the gut can no longer operate properly due to fungi taking over the gut. You cut or limit their food supply so your gut heals (in time). First week on it is brutal I've been told as the fungi dies off, shocking headaches, feeling really tired etc but as the weeks go by you start coming good. I had a similar die off experience when i did the autoimmune protocol.

Not paleo but along similar lines.

Phase 2 of the diet does appeal to me as it allows more carbs like brown rice, wild rice, beans. Having a physical job (6 days a week) makes the keto/ low carb diets not feasible for me. I drop way too much weight and I don't have enough energy to get through a full days work.

The AIP diet worked for me in some ways but not others OMS is turning out the same. MS wise I can't do soy, gluten, sugar, high sugar fruits. I guess I'm still looking for the solution. Any thoughts?