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I am so confused about the whole leaky gut issue. Does everyone with ms have that? Is that the reason we got ms in the first place? Dr.McDougall and Dr.Jelinek's diets say to eat grains, but that supposedly makes leaky gut worse? I hope someone can help me understand, because I'm running out of foods that are not "harmful". If I cut out grains and legumes there isn't much left to eat :(
Professor Jelineks recommendations are based on a rigorous review of scientific evidence. There is not enough evidence to support removing legumes and grains from the OMS diet.

Legumes, including soy, are extremely healthy foods, and are full of protein, which is useful for people not eating animal products. They have been used for centuries by many societies and there is no clear documentation of any health problems associated with their use. Some have suggested they be avoided by people with immune based diseases, but there does not appear to be any strong basis for this suggestion. Soy in particular would appear to have many advantages over dairy products, and most studies suggest better health outcomes for those consuming soy products regularly.

The same with grains. It is important to try to base these recommendations on evidence, not just theory, and Professor Jelinek feels comfortable that the evidence does not support a link with eating grains to make a recommendation to exclude them.
Thank you so much for clearing that up for me! I'm new at this, and trying to get a grasp on everything has proven to be a challenge. Thank goodness for OMS and this forum.
I agree with Wendy in all that she said. But I also add that every body is different... Literally. For me, treating my leaky gut stopped a cascade of symptoms that had me on decline... I tried the diet and Repairvite supplement my doctor told me about out of desperation but I did feel at the time it was a low blow to someone who had already given up so much. But what I gained in return was so much better... I went from having 20+ days a month of challenging days, progressive symptoms and eventually difficulty moving and speaking some days. Treating my leaky gut has reversed that to maybe a few uncomfortable days, mostly around my cycle.

Since you are just starting OMS, I would just focus on that --- making, accepting and then thriving in the changes of lifestyle/eating and getting the essentials on check--- Vit D, B12, exercise, etc.

But of you suspect leaky gut, eventually try it. I wish I had done so sooner. Even though a doctor has since told me he couldn't confirm my original MS diagnosis, my symptoms are very much like MS. I have found that OMS + adhering to leaky lifestyle has given me life and hope back.

I also learned in the process and elimination of foods that I was highly allergic to
Corn and legumes. So I've never put them back in diet because if I do, I suffer a mess
Of neuro symptoms days following.

Hang in there! It gets easier...
Leaky Gut theory, is interesting. I was diagnosed in my early twenties with MS, now in my mid fifties, ambulatory the entire time. Stress aggravates digestive problems, that's why meditation is beneficial. Also times that my body has been under unusual stress due to medication and surgery have lead to minor Exacerbation. Molecular Mimicry of animal protein that leaks into the blood stream, which tigers autoimmune problems sounds logical. Thus to distance the diet from those sources has merit.
I've been following OMS for 16 months with great progress. I recently found a ND who suggested that I consider other food triggers. I opted for the blood test...all the standard leaky gut culprits were negative (much to the surprise of the ND!) except for soy. I eliminated soy for 4 weeks. I was amazed at how good I felt! I reintroduced soy for a test and it confirmed it for me. I have now eliminated it for good.

It is part of my "Doing whatever is necessary".


I'm pretty new to the whole leaky gut thing. You say that all of the standard leaky gut culprits were negative, can I ask which culprits these are? I am going for a blood test tomorrow to test for celiacs but my GP didn't suggest testing for anything else (I'm having issues with severe bloating).

Thanks :)
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Denise - these are common triggers: Gluten, legumes, soy, nightshade plants (peppers, tomato, eggplant, etc.), citrus, dairy, and eggs. But individual sensitivity may be different.

I had a full IGG test done. These tests will have some false negatives if you have not eaten a particular food in the recent past. There may also be false positives. Its about 80 to 85% accurate, I was told. Dr J has a section in his book about this topic.

Thank you for the info Claire :)

I will see how the results of this blood test go and then may look into getting the others checked out.
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