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Hi I saw this last week but didn't read it thoroughly as the daily mail science/health sections infuriate me and having read this article I'm afraid it was not the exception.

I agree with the crux of Dr Mosley's argument that western society has created an atmosphere of fear surrounding fat and that the alternative, highly processed, sugar laden, 0% fat foods are toxic to our health. The "spin" put on the article by the journalist that saturated fat is not bad for you annoys me and is probably what most people will take from the article as it's not until very close to the end that he highlights that Dr Mosley is not suggesting a free for all with regards to saturated fat just the use of more unprocessed natural fats. Which is sensible advise for anyone.

I don't think most people have to be as careful about saturated fat intake as we do but the RDA for saturated fat for a woman in the UK is 20g/day not too far off the OMS target! I think most people would be shocked if they calculated their daily saturated fat intake.

Cheers :-)
Rafticon is right!
Dr Mosely is trying to sell a diet book to fat people with the vague promise of still being able to eat burgers. They'll all be disappointed when they read the book... It's the "potatoes are bad for you" stuff that really gets up my nose. Nothing wrong with spuds!!
Hahaha, I love your rhetoric, Cinderella. My thoughts exactly.
Yep ^
Reminds me of the Butter is Good NY Times article.
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