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Hey everyone,

It has been a very long time since I posted here, still on the OMS diet, eating a lot of grains, pulses/legumes, occasional fish, nuts, flax oil and almond milk make up my diet. I have had a few odd health care issues in the recent past, mostly due to infertility and amenorrhea. I saw a naturopath and was told that I had candida overgrowth and then I read Dr. Barach's book about candida/yeast and its association with MS and now I feel like i NEED to do a candida cleansing diet.

Here is the problem, how can I do this on the oms diet? To eliminate candidia we have to avoid most carbs/legumes and fruit for at least 3 months. I could eat only veggies and fish but this alone seems pretty hard.

Any suggestions or experience with this kind of diet while still obeying the OMS "rules"? Alternatively, if someone can give me reason not to think that candida is at the root of my MS that would also be great. Making another huge dietary change to get rid of candida is irritating.

Please weigh in!

My immediate thought was there are two in the act of fertility.
Assuming the partner is also following a clean no processed food diet and no smoking ad moderate to no achohol.
Good luck and peace in your quest.
Anti candida.
You are so near in what you are doing I have a book on my shelf (probably have two and at least one anti candida cook book).
It is about not eating processed foods, pass already.
Not eating refined starches, probably pass too as I guess your grains are all whole.
We don't do dairy so a pass there.
I guess fruit and sweets and alchohol need to go not sure about potatoes would have to get up and look.
I have not heard of an anti candida approach that said no to whole foods starches such as beans.
Hey there,

I had a lot of digestive issues over the last year which I blame on two bouts of antibiotics, cleaning out my good bacteria.
I saw a dietician after I did a csa (comprehensive stool analysis) which looks at the presence of good and bad bacteria and showed that two sets of good bacteria had no growth.
Having read about the candida diet before I was worried a lot too but she wasn't as hardcore as the online candida diet people.
Basically I first cut out all yeast (mainly from bread) and sugar, fruit, all white flour. I still can eat brown rice and brown rice pasta and rye bread as it has very low amounts of yeast. Then she gave me some high quality probiotics (vegan) and after a week I started to take the antifungal that my candida reacted strongest to (grapefruit seed extract) - that's where I am at now. Next week I am going to increase the dose and the week after even more then I will switch to another antifungal.
All in all it's a six week process. I have some candida die off reactions but not as bad as I thought. This seems quite manageable. Basically I eat a lot of fish, carbs twice a day but in not crazy amounts.
Olive oil, nuts, green tea, garlic are all great natural antifungals.

I hope it will sort me out and have great hopes. At the end of the day, every body is unique but I feel this is a good cleanse anyway. Good luck
Hi Mila,

Thanks for responding! I can manage that! I am going to start some prebiotics and some antifungals (not sure which). What kinds of things to you eat for breakfast out of curiosity on this way of eating?


Hi there,

I eat free from oats (gluten free) from sainsburys with soy milk. Also just got back from Germany where the small organic shops stock loads of yummy vegan glutenfree yeast free spreads and sometimes I would have rice cakes with those spreads. By the way it's mainly a habit to eat gf, I was tested borderline intolerant. Now I try to avoid where possible plus wheat is a bit of a no no.
On another note, on the recommendations of my dietician it said that you can eat german rye bread as it is low in yeast, so I have occasionally been doing this too. Hope that helps, good luck

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