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I was wondering if anyone here is on a low-FODMAP diet? Is it possible to combine OMS and low-FODMAP without becoming deficient in vitamins etc.? (Or starving? ;))

I'm asking because I have IBS and while I've always struggled with GI symptoms, Tecfidera has made them so much worse and I'm willing to do pretty much anything to help my poor insides calm down. XD My doctor and the pills she prescribes haven't been overly helpful so far. If anyone is doing low-FODMAP or has any other tips for dealing with IBS/digestive disorders while on OMS, I'd be grateful for a comment or message. :)
How long have you been following OMS?
Hi veg, not too long - should be seven months next week.
Oms removes dairy and egg yolk but other irratants might still be consumed, perhaps egg whites and wheat.
Have you tried eliminating wheat?
Have you done a food diary to see what might be linked to your flares.
Looking at the food list just ensure to keep it oms compliant can't see any major issues. Obviously do not eat eggs, dairy, meat and all the other oms foods to avoid.
Fodmap just looks to remove processed foods including grains and a handful of common irratants but not all which is strange, not really anything radical there.
Thanks for your reply, veg. :) I've tried keeping a food diary, but it just seems like I have GI problems no matter what I eat. That's what led to my diagnosis of IBS in the end - it's like I'm allergic to food.^^ My GP always used to say that it could also be lactose intolerance, but with OMS (no dairy, hardly anything processed and plenty of label-reading) I can't be consuming any lactose and nothing's changed. I also tried going gluten-free for a while once, but since my budget was very tight back then, that mostly meant I didn't eat much at all, regular bread and pasta being very cheap. I used to just live with the symptoms, but since I started Tecfidera, it's just been hell.

That's why I thought of low-FODMAP. I've bought a book on low-FODMAP foods and I've read all the explanations and to me it seems like the diet's not supposed to eliminate irritants, but rather to make sure you're not consuming a lot of food that is hard to digest or indigestible. That seems to make sense when it comes to IBS. If I have a problem with gluten or anything, it won't really help, of course...

Thank you for your feedback, anyway! :) For now I've decided to just eat like I have a stomach bug for a few days (three days of oatmeal and potatoes always used to help a little) and then carefully try a combination of OMS and low-FODMAP. I guess I'll be eliminating wheat in the process anyway (thanks for the heads-up on that one) and if that doesn't work, I can always investigate further. ;)
Being gluten free does not need to be expensive.
I have been gluten free for years now.
I do not buy fake gluten free ready made products (these are expensive).
So there is no gluten free bread (expensive and often cardboard or very high fat).
I eat rice, oats grown and prepared away from wheat, quinoa, buckwheat. Potatoes, sweet potatoes.
If I go out for the day I take home made lentil pate (there is a recipe on this site I found and use) rice cakes, oat cakes, cold potatos any left overs.
I work and take a hudge podge lunch each day.
I didn't mean to say that eating GF is expensive per se. But as I said, my budget was very tight, and (at least around here), GF products are certainly very expensive in comparison. While I can buy 500g of regular oats for 0,39€ at my local Aldi supermarket, 500g of GF oats will cost me over 2€. While 2€ is hardly expensive, I simply couldn't afford it in 2011, and I certainly couldn't afford buckwheat or quinoa. Nowadays, fortunately, 2€ doesn't sound all that daunting anymore. (I still wouldn't be able to buy processed GF foods, but they probably wouldn't be OMS friendly anyway, I suppose.)
The processed GF products I picked up and read were full of not nice stuff and a very long list of ingredients of which many not nice stuff. So that is not food for your OMS basket.
Good luck
Haha, I looked at a few recently as well...a thousand ingredients and palm oil always among them. :D I agree, they're probably the opposite of OMS foods...

Thank you! :)
Hi I have been experimenting with a gluten free diet and it makes a definite difference to me. Are the oakcakes you refer to veg homemade or bought? I love oatcakes and have found an oms friendly brand but they're still quite high in saturates/omega 6. If you have a low sat fat oms friendly version I'd appreciate it

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