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I use Clearspring oatcakes they use only olive oil and I like the seaweed or dried tomato ones.
I use Goodness Direct for these.
Though they are pricey, I refuse to get palm oil ones and these so far are the best I have found. I eat a lot more rice cakes in comparison.

Ingredients: Oatmeal* (78%), cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil* (12.5%), sun-dried tomato paste* (8%) (sun-dried tomatoes*, sunflower oil*), raising agent: sodium bicarbonate, oregano* (0.5%), sea salt.
*Organically grown
Hello, had IBS like symptoms for some years (the over active type) until I saw a nutritionist who suggested I took out irritant like items which were: tea, coffee, peppermint and mint, skins of Apple and pears, tomato skins and grains, same for cucumber, no chilie sauce, no Indian curry sauce. In my case it made a huge difference from uncontrollable to manageable and almost pain free. I still have a des days a year where I get a strong pSinful crisis but nothing in comparison to before. I still follow these principles on the OMS diet. And I get the opposite of the over active symptoms I eat one irritant item and the problem is fixed. Hope it helps.
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Hi guys! Sorry, I had to go offline for a bit because of an important exam at uni. Thank you for your comments! I've gone low-FODMAP by now and while I now have the same problems I had in the first few weeks on OMS (weight loss, difficulty finding things I can eat), my IBS symptoms are almost entirely gone and I feel not only better than I have in the past few months, but better than I did before Tecfidera. Yay! I'll try to add more foods back in now to find out what it is that causes me problems...but first I'm going to enjoy my pain-free tummy for a bit longer. ;)
That is great news :)
Hi amyb

are you using the low FODMAP diet as a way of working out which foods may be causing your problems? I followed a low FODMAP diet for about 4 weeks, under the supervision of a dietician, the aim being to eliminate all high FODMAP foods and then gradually introduce them so we could work out if one category of FODMAP was causing my problem. I didn't get the impression that it is a long-term diet.
For me, it made no difference, so the dietician agreed that working with FODMAPs would not solve my issues,

What I am investigating now are foods with probiotics and fermented foods. There are many articles online, including
http://www.goodfood.com.au/good-food/fo ... 32r9r.html
http://www.goodfood.com.au/good-food/co ... 2p14j.html
Sauerkraut is great and easy to make at home. I come from a country where lots of people in little towns make their own for winter and sell them on market on Christmas as it is a big part of our winter menus.
My boyfriend tried to make it last year and it was a good success. He even imported a special heavy stoneware fermenting pot to UK without breaking! Think it is time to cut those cabbages again...
Yes it stinks but we keep it in loft or cellar so the smell can be avoided :). There are recipes online but I can dig out our own if anyone interested.

Hi deesta,

Do you think you have IBS or food intolerances?

I am trying to add some foods back in now. The low-FODMAP diet does assume that most people with IBS will have problems with high-FODMAP foods though, so I may well discover that I can't add a lot of stuff back in. I've already noticed that onions are indeed a no-go. ;) I hope you find out where your problems come from! :)

Hi amyb.

Good to hear that you have improved so much when following the FODMAPS plan in addition to OMS. I'd be interested to hear what else you discover you can't add back in, in addition to onions.

I started trying without FODMAPS foods only three days ago, and also started a food diary. A friend alerted me to FODMAPS - she's not got MS but has found she has intolerances including wheat and onions. Apparently onions and garlic are the hugest no-no foods in FODMAPS, so I'm trying without those. I'm also trying without sugar (including fruit, which is tricky and means I should eat loads more veg to make up for it) but I have allowed a bit of maple syrup on my buckwheat pancakes, as that is allowed on FODMAPS.

It's a bit of a shock to the system, having just got used to OMS (five months now), and having to give up so much else. But whatever it takes!

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There is an elimination die on mcdougal site that you may find complements as at least it is assumed already to be plant based.
Thanks, Veg. I hadn't heard of this before. As it contains some things that FODMAPS don't allow, I can't follow that specifically, but I am attempting my own elimination diet in order to find out what is the problem.
Anyone else who has anything to offer/suggest re combining FODMAPS with OMS, I'd be interested to hear it.
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