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If a person wants to do something they can always find justification.
We will have to agree to differ.
Re "do more than just eat what is there because industries provide it" - that is a sweeping statement which is absolutely true.
If anyone is interested in what the food industry has done to influence what we eat (all in the name of making big profits), you cannot go past the BBC's 3 part series presented by Jacques Peretti, called "The Men Who Made Us Fat". I don't know if it is available on DVD, and unfortunately it's no longer viewable on Aus ABC's iView.

Re "If a person wants to do something they can always find justification" - different desires and viewpoints will result in different justifications, but I'll fully endorse that statement :D
Beetroot, I did quite a bit of reading and poking around the internet about the phenomenon that is Denise Minger. The biggest problem (for me) is that I am a wash with statistics so cannot evaluate the data myself and form my own opinion based on data alone. However it does seem that she played into the open arms of the paleo movement that seemed to need a torch bearer against Campbell. I found it interesting that there were quite a few researchers who did comment on her blog posts, saying she did not use the data as a researcher would and take con-founders into account. Also there were a lot of people reviewing her book that said she deleted their comments/questions on her blog. Also if she has such a problem and is spending so much time dismantling Campbell's arguments then why doesn't she submit her work for review and publish in a scientific journal. So far she has only published this work on her own blog. Also when I did read the exchanges between Campbell and Minger there was only one person who was professional, inclusive, respectful and it was NOT her. I have to admit her rude and dismissive attitude to a "fellow" scientist (and I use the word "fellow" very generously here) really colored my view of her arguments.

I think in the end you can be a fries and diet coke eating Vegan or a factory farm bacon and egg junky and proudly march under the corresponding banner of each of these seemingly warring camps. However I think in its idea is that you eat a lot more fruits, nuts, seed and veggies and then add some properly sourced meat or grain, depending on what camp you "associate" with.

Also to add to the discussion about "meat". I think the biggest "issue" is what, how much and of what quality is the meat we would consume. Eating grass fed, organic meat that is raised "outdoors" vs. factory farm meat makes a huge difference in the nutrient content, primarily fat profile. Not to mention that we avoid exactly the "cuts" of meat that bring us the most benefit like organ meats.

Just my two cents....
Sorry I posted the last thing without logging Byron off. It was really me...
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