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Hi I'm new to all this and have been following thr Paleo diet which is somewhat different, I've got an app telling me what I can and can't eat which is good

Does anyone have a likewise list for this diet? Ie paleo I can eat white meat, eggs, pork but no potatoes rice etc which I'm sure for you guys is the other way round?
Hi Kris

Go to the Home page of this site, scroll down to the bottom and on the right hand side is a pdf you can download with an overview of the programme.

Basically, you can eat:

All vegetables (including potatoes)
All fruit (avocados in moderation due to fat content)
Fish and seafood in moderation (especially oily fish)
Rice, pasta, quinoa etc.
Nuts in moderation (NOT COCONUT)
Extra virgin olive oil (often referred to on here as EVOO) - not heated above 180 degrees
Flaxseed oil - not heated

You can't eat:

Oils - except extra virgin olive oil and flaxseed oil

I hope this is of some help. Also, look at the Recipe section on the 'Resources' page and the Recipes section of the Forum.

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