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I am curious what you guys have to say about paleo. My partner is currently looking into it. And confronting me with all the facts she is currently learning. I start being confused about my approach
She has read that flax seed oil and unsaturated fatty acids are unhealthy. Cause of oxidation and free radicals. It's getting hard to find common ground on food. Can anyone tell me more and help me out. I am still figuring out the oms approach....


I've had similar discussions with some co-workers who follow a paleo inspired diet. Terry Wahls attributes that diet, in part, to her recovery from MS. I know several people who have other auto-immune conditions that have found great success with a paleo approach.

That being said, there is a whole host of research behind the OMS approach for people with MS. Starting with Swanks's study, and more recently the HOLISM work (flax oil consumption reduces relapse rate by over 50%) that Dr. J has been doing; this is an evidence based approach that has been proven to positively impact the progression of the disease. At this point, the treatment of MS with the paleo approach is not evidence based but anecdotal.

Good luck in your search.

Have a look on this page under MS A to Z, look under fat. Read also under research. On the page MS UK news and research there is just now an artikel about fat. Read about the Swank study. Be critical to your sources.
The problem with the Paleo diet is that, for MS people, it ignores the evidence on MS progression correlating with saturated fat consumption. That seems to be a grievous oversight. When you read Swank's research there really seems to be no argument at all for people to be eating high saturated fat diets - or even moderately high or even moderately low sat fat diets. Very Low - under 15 or even better under 10 grams of sat fat per day - seemed to slow down progression of disease. Paleo favours coconut and LARD for heaven's sake, as well as organ meats which are very high in iron, which is also problematic for PwMS in high doses.

There does not appear to be any good evidence (certainly not of the calibre of Swank's research) to suggest that a Paleo diet can slow or reverse MS. I prefer to go with the good science. Certainly Terry Whals herself recovered from progressive MS but it is unclear whether this was due to her electrical muscle stimulation therapy and refraining from eating foods that she had sensitivities to or very high levels of fruit and vegies or her Paleo approach. (more power to her - it is always good to hear a recovery story, but for my money, OMS has the best research.)
For us people with MS the standard paleo diet has a lot of foods that we react to and for most of us would not be suitable. The auto immune protocol version of the paleo diet is a totally different story and one that is showing promise for many people. It's more a tailored diet for individual needs where you go back to basic foods that are non reactive then gradually introduce other foods to see what you react to. The auto immune protocol and the overcoming ms diet both seem to have there fair share of success stories.
Any change from previous lifestyle is going to be better, comparing bad with less bad is not good enough for me. You have to do your own research into why you want to make the decisions you do, OMS offers a position of evidence based direction from actual data.
I was following the paleo diet when I had the relapse that lead to diagnosis so I'm a little sceptical about it, The things that are good and work are the amount of veg and fruit and clean foods (no processed) just like OMS but think the research is very strong for following a low sat fat diet, I'm sure you could balance the life style with your wife the paleo allows fish so incorporate that been gluten free will not do you any harm the only thing I didn't agree with was not having beans and lentils when research also suggests that people who have these in there diets live longer. Its a mind field with what diet people think is the best just go with your gut.
I was on the paleo diet before my diagnosis. My symptoms got worse. It was after my diagnosis that I started OMS, and started to notice some difference. I highly recommend the OMS plan over the Paleo plan. I still have my symptoms as it's still too soon, however; I have no progression ( also confirmed by my neurologist) which is a win in my books as I have PPMS.
Like i said the standard paleo diet in its current form is no good for most people who have ms the auto immune protocol is much better and is tailored to each individual as you go back to basic foods settle your immune system down then once symptoms have subsided you add foods back in one by one taking note of which ones invoke an immune response. So an auto immune protocol diet for you might look much different to one that works for me. Don't miss understand where im coming from if overcoming ms works for you stick with it, if auto immune protocol works for you again stick with it. At least we have options.
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