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I have found the thread. The whole thread is a chewy read but this is the link to the one controbution from Goerge to read.
Thanks Lerakant, veg & nryan for the links, support and reasoning!

It's a shock to the system, (the thinking part anyway), to realize beef, pork, duck, goose, rabbit, elk, antelope, venison, bacon...BACON for goodness sake!

The cheese lover in me is rattling the cage almost if not even more than the meat lover.

But I'll take myself out behind the wood shed and give myself a good talking to, it will all work out in the end!
Be well, live long and prosper!
...and add chicken to the "What NOT to eat list"
If you go into "Recovery Program" and type in podcasts in the search engine all the podcasts appear... Listen to the podcast on page 3 called " the science behind dietary fats and ms"
Rose x
Be as kind to yourself as possible behind that woodshed :D and congrats on being honest and giving things a try.
Great discussion.

Farrier, please add "The China Study" to your reading list, and note Prof Campbell's lab studies on rats and his ability to turn on and off the growth of cancer cells.

Farhad and Veg - enjoyed your posts as always.


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Thanks Susan.

Yup it's on the list.

Watching Forks Over Knives as I type this, and it got me interested in "the China Study", so it's on the list now.

We have a fairly good library system locally, so I have a hold on a slew of books, and the list keeps growing. Fortunately I'm a speedy reader, so having 6 or 8 books on hand to read is a pleasure not a pain.



This was last weeks catch.
Be well, live long and prosper!
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