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The concept behind starving what is considered "bad" bacteria, fungus, and microbes such as certain strains of candida is a twofold process. Both parts of the system are important and likely doing one without the other won't rebalance the microflora and produce success. Dietary intervations, compounds such as oregano oil, etc. will help reduce the population of microflora that has gotten out of balance to create a condition known as dysbiosis. Equally important is to replenish the levels of good bacteria so that the opportunistic flora and the good flora work out in concert. In that sense, the notion that one has "bad" microflora that they need to get rid of through some type of intervention is misleading. A better way to look at it is that what is needed is a rebalancing. What you are trying to achieve is a healthy ecosystem such that the good bacteria will keep the bad bad bacteria, so to speak, in check.
This nutrition facts video makes some interesting points regarding fiber being a prebiotic we need to get our immune system to calm down: http://nutritionfacts.org/video/prebiot ... er-garden/

I've always thought that the success of Wahls diet might have to do with the extreme amounts of veggies she advocates for consuming.
Hi Keithjwaz,

Yes, totally agree with you.

And the program does look to address both sides:

Kill fungus, yeast: low carb diet, antioxidants, supplements, vit d
Promote good microbes: probiotics, fecal transplant, diet (e.g. fermented foods)
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The nutrients that your body receives from being fed are not from the foods you eat themselves but rather from the interaction between what is taking place in your microbiome and the foods you eat. That's why one person can eat a particular diet and another person can eat the exact same foods but the two people can get completely different health results. This has been shown to be the case scientifically with identical twins. What's critical is the state of the individulal's microbiome-- the actual species of bacteria, balance of opportunistic vs. beneficial bacteria, etc. Essentially at a biochemical level it is the interaction between your gut bacteria and the foods that you eat that creates vitamins, specific nutrients, etc., that feed your body.

If you have an autoimmune illness and your microbiome is compromised in some manner, the nutrients you receive will be compromised in some manner. That's why focusing on eating foods that are of very high nutrional value, the very best fats, minerals, micro nutrients, and vitamins, etc. is certainly a wise bet. But what you eat at any given time has to be related to the state of your gut bacteria. For example if your gut is really compromised at one particular time and you try to eat a lot of raw vegetables or fruits, your microbiome is not going to be a very happy camper at all. Anyone who suffers from a condition state ch as Chron's disease knows this all to well.

The manner in which all of this works is similiar to how the soil works and how plants grow. If your soil is not balanced and loaded with the right kinds of bacteria and organisms, you can dump in all of the chemicals and nutrients you want and your results will not be spectacular. Any good grower knows this. Get your soil right first and then you will be rewarded in spades.

Essentially you have to eat for the state of your microbiome. There is no, unfortunately, one size fits all. That's why nature has given us such a bounty of different types of natural foods. And as you eat for the current state of your microbiome you can develop it and improve it over time by adding foods that provide good bacteria (the plethora of probiotic and cultured foods) or foods that particullarily function like fertilizer to help feed your existing good bacteria (safe starches, inulin, prebiotics, etc.).
More and more success stories on this type of diet. Be interesting to see where it all heads. Don't care what diet works to be honest just as long as it works.
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