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Anyone on raw food diet? There are some testimonials on the internet. People say that they have cured many diseases by eating 100% raw food. MS, diabetes, hypertension etc.
Diagnosis Oct 2015 OMS Dec 2015

Funny you should post this. I'm currently at a raw Vegan sanctuary in Kuranda, Australia. I've had 5 days of a variety of fruits, veg, nuts, seeds & grains. I feel very clean. The person who runs the retreat has told me of 2 people he's met that have improved dramatically on the raw route.

Definitely worth looking into. I've been recommended to read a book titled '80 10 10' by a few people here.

All the best.
Hello Mark
I'm sure it will be beneficial for you.
I have been eating 60-70% raw food. Little bit of brown rice, fish, gluten free bread and lots of raw vegetables and fruit. I eat about 12 bananas/day. I drink only filtered water with lemon or green tea. When I was diagnosed I was so weak. I couldn't get out of bed. After one week of eating raw the fatigue has gone. I still have heat sensation in my leg but apart from that no other symptoms. I refused to start medication, I work nights,I sleep 6 hours/day ( I know that this is wrong) and I'm fine. The problem is that within 6 months I lost 21kg (3 stones). I was 86kg and now 65kg. I'm not loosing weight any more but I cant put on weight and I'm always hungry. When I was eating normal food-pizza, potatoes, meat, eggs, diary my stomach was full couple of hours, but now I'm hungry half an hour after a meal. So there are advantages and disadvantages.
Good luck
Diagnosis Oct 2015 OMS Dec 2015
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