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Has anyone here seen the Engine 2 movie/read the book? Would love to hear opinions/observations!
They are both dump the SAD CRAP food commonly eaten and are no oil vegan so should be a good fit to help get more recipe ideas for following OMS.
Standard American diet, calorie rich and processed. Common acronyms used on both sites mentioned.
Yes, I have watched the movie twice. I read his father's book and adopted that lifestyle in Jan, and dropped my cholesterol 57 points...which was my only goal at the time, and something all of the medical diets (AHA, ADA, ketogenic) had failed to do for me in the past. I like engine 2 products, and you can find them at Whole Foods.
I have also read the Starch Solution, Dean Ornish's Spectrum, Eat to Live, and How Not to Die. I am not finished reading OMS yet, but it seems like it's Engine 2 plus fish, flax oil and vit D? It was very strange for me to eat fats and eat fish again after avoiding for so long, but being diagnosed only two months ago and currently doing fertility treatments to try to get pregnant, I am in "whatever it takes" mode. I would eat poop if it would help :D
Except I will not do the Wahls protocol, because I would rather not have crippling heart disease on top of a wonky unpredictable immune system!

What were your thoughts on Engine 2? Rip has a few Ted talks on youtube, and all of those plant based MD's have youtube videos, interviews, etc.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AAkEYcm ... pUwDfa6ZX0
Hi Kdall -- Sounds like you're a depth learner like me! What is your diet now? Thanks n advance!
bluestocking wrote: Hi Kdall -- Sounds like you're a depth learner like me! What is your diet now? Thanks n advance!

I learn something new everyday! I have a notebook to refer to, should I find something interesting or worthwhile to try. I call it, learning as I go diet! I have not changed much, just finding things I liked already on say 5% fat diet, and building on that. Vegan plus fish, no added salt. My fish has to be low mercury since I'm trying to become a mom....and there's a fantastic chart here for anyone in my situation: http://www.healwithfood.org/list/fish-h ... levels.php

I am very lazy these days, so for work I might buy Oasis brand fat free hummus and add to it after heating, freshly ground toasted flax seeds, nutritional yeast, and eat it with raw bell peppers, celery, etc. I make oatmeal sometimes for breakfast and add a cup of frozen berries, walnuts, ground seed blend, ground cinnamon, cloves, cardamom and ground ginger. My other fav thing is to water sautee mushrooms, cabbage, onions and butternut squash, throw over udon noodles and toss with a peanut dressing I make with flax oil, lime juice, cilantro, crushed garlic and powdered peanut butter. I usually have cold brewed hibiscus tea; very cheap, easy and pretty...kicks matcha tea's butt in the antioxidant department also. Sometimes I add amla powder to orange juice. Most recently I've added grilled salmon and red wine to my weekly menu.

The reason I choose these things are because of Dr Fuhrman's preaching on eating GBOMB's (greens, beans, onions, mushrooms, and berries) everyday for excellent health, Dr Gregor's (nutritionfacts.org) multiple reviews of research papers on antioxidants or on what to eat to reduce inflammation/boost immunity, and ideas from the Esselstyn's and McDougall's that are just easy and palatable. The grilled salmon and red wine are from OMS...and right now I have a glass of wine with my Copaxone shot :D
What about you, bluestocking?!
bluestocking wrote: What about you, bluestocking?!

I love your idea of Copaxone and wine! I have a favorite aperitif that I love to have most evenings called Lillet. I grew up in a family that had a cocktail hour before dinner and now that my parents are gone, I find myself wanting to carry on the tradition with my husband and college-daughter when she's home. With OMS approved food that is!

Your way of eating sounds great. I'm at the very very beginning so am struggling with cravings. The best way for me to almost-stop them is to make a smoothie. I drink Hibiscus tea for high blood pressure, but I bought a can for over 12.00, organic and fancy. I wonder if I can find one that just as pure but for less $$.

My annual physical is this Friday and that's when I'm going to drop the bomb on my doc and tell her I want to be off most meds asap and as safely as possible. I'm kind of annoyed with her because, looking back over the year, I think she should have screened me for MS (based on symptoms I complained of during office visits). It took a visit to the ER for what I thought was a brain aneurysm or tumor (sudden screaming headache last winter) for me to be properly diagnosed by a neurologist.

Good luck with the future baby; you're doing your very best to make a nice nest!
That sounds like a lovely tradition you should pass on! I hope olives are OMS approved, I've reunited with them and it's been glorious with the wine :)

There's a lot of science behind cravings...The Pleasure Trap by Doug Lisle is good info and he has lots of youtube videos.
I too find that a smoothie (or a potato) hits the spot! I was not aware they made high class hibiscus tea! Please let me know if you find some for a good price :D

Moving past the anger of misdiagnosis just happened for me last week. I left the ER a year ago wondering to myself, "how in the hell can a regular person hope to have decent care at all, if I as a nurse and employee of one of the best facilities in the world, can not?"! After seeing my lesions from a scan 2 months ago and being officially diagnosed, I wanted to return to the neurologist who told me "you do not have MS" and ask him if he minded if I blind him just a bit in one eye...because that's what I felt like his incompetence had caused me. I had a patient last week who had been told the same thing. It was disheartening to hear as a medical professional, but oddly comforting that I wasn't alone.

I hope you can make peace with what you've lost by not getting the eval you needed then, and that your GP at least pretends to be excited about getting you off your meds. It can be done. I'm excited for you and operation buh-bye meds! It takes many years for most people to need to go on these medications in the first place, so remember that and be patient with your body.
Here's some BP articles and videos http://nutritionfacts.org/topics/blood-pressure
Thank you so much and good luck on your annual!! <3
Oh I love this "After seeing my lesions from a scan 2 months ago and being officially diagnosed, I wanted to return to the neurologist who told me "you do not have MS" and ask him if he minded if I blind him just a bit in one eye...because that's what I felt like his incompetence had caused me. "

YES. This goes to the so called eye specialists in emergency, and my GP, and my neuro... took too long to diagnose. Luckily after about 6 months my optic neuritis has resolved. This time anyway. Fingers crossed it doesn't occur again.

I love talking about food and inflammation! I could talk all day about this with like-minded people.

One thing about salmon, here in Australia it's difficult to get wild caught, it's all farmed. At the OMS retreat they told us about the omega 6's in farmed salmon, too high! So I don't eat it anymore. I used to LOVE it. But really, I might as well be eating a steak.
Diagnosed August 2015
OMS November 2015
OMS Retreat May 2016
Ladybug, you give me ON hope!
My blurred vision waxes and wanes, and just when I think it's leaving, bam! I've never had much pain with it though, so I am thankful for that. I read in a textbook that vision can be restored up to 6mo after ON starts, but reading your post makes me feel like that estimate is more legit. Did you recieve steroids for this episode? Have you had it in both eyes? Everyone peers in with their light and remarks on how damaged they both are....makes me wonder if I'll go blind in both eventually.
I'm sorry to hear that you had misses too, and I hope you have confidence in your practitioners now.
Sometimes I wonder if I am being lied to here about the fish being "wild", but I buy it anyway and hope for the best. Have you tried any tinned fish?
Same here, but with like-minded people, of course! I am reading about the wheat ATI protein possibly causing increased inflammation and worsening MS symptoms, what are your thoughts on that?
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