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kdali... I had it in my right eye. One day, a couple of years ago, I complained to my optometrist that my eye just didn't seem right. So I got new glasses and it eventually resolved. Then the next year it was really bad. It felt like someone had put something over the right lense of my glasses. But was there when I took my glasses off. I was really scared. Took about 6 weeks before someone finally said "It looks like you have MS".

so from onset to diagnosis it was too late for steroids. I was worried it would get worse, so worried I'd lose sight in both eyes, but like most relapses with RRMS it eventually calmed down. Now I can't notice it at all. I did go through a few months where when I got hot (exercising or eating hot soup) it would immediately come back. Also when my toddler had a massive tantrum and I felt stressed, my vision went in that eye again!

Since then, 14 months since the diagnosis, I haven't had it again. So you can be hopeful that yours will resolve too!

Thanks to OMS, medication, meditation, exercise, etc I haven't had another relapse.
Diagnosed August 2015
OMS November 2015
OMS Retreat May 2016
Thank you so much for sharing! I do feel like it is worse when I am more stressed or tired. Your story sounds similar to mine.
I have often wondered how parents of young children who have MS keep up! I hope mine will like naps :)
That's awesome to hear, and I hope you never have another one.
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