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Hi All

I am new to OMS & so glad to have found it :) overall I have had an excellent run in the realm of MS since I was diagnosed in Jul2012. I think I was almost in denial about having the condition until now. 8 months post partum, my MS has returned with a vengance & multiple new cervical & brain lesions & lots of symptoms. This relapse has absolutley scared the hell out of me, especially now that I'm a mum & my health & ability to function is paramount.

I received 5 days of IV steroids & feeling that my symptoms are still slowly getting worse. Can you please share experiences with IVMP? Did they help speed recovery/how soon did you feel they started working? Due to the holidays there was an unfortunate delay in getting the steroids early. I'm dealing with left side (head face shoulder arm torso) numbness, weakness left arm, MS hug, numb right hand & slightly weak right leg.

I'd like to hear from anyone with a similar story & how you got through it all :)
How lovely having a new family.
Can you fit in some extra meditation perhaps take advantage when you have someone else around to look after baby.
Have you been looking after your vitamin d level as breastfeeding would have drained yours to give to baby.
Sorry I have been to the beach for some much needed holidays and no internet, I have just read your post... My experience with iv methylpred has always been positive and the sooner you start it with a relapse the better. Recovery can be within a few days or a week or 2 with myself, I always wean off with a short course of oral steroids also, ask your Dr about this I think it also helps.
I have trouble sleeping whilst I am on it, but I do think it speeds up recovery.
I do hope it went well for yourself and you have started to recover.
Best wishes :) :)
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