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Hi. I am reading the new updated book and it is great to get a refresher.
About to cut out salt from my diet because of it!!!
Lots of new information. I just wanted some advice.
I follow a strictly vegan diet when following the programme and the emphasis on fish is really strong. (I must have forgotten.)
Is Flax Oil sufficient in replacing the goodness obtained from fish or is there anything else I should be doing.
Many thanks
I am also a strict vegan. I understand that fish are of dietary benefit but given the cruelty, the catastrophic overfishing and the pollution in both the farmed and wild caught fishing industries, I just can't do fish. I do the following: I am at the upper intake for flax oil and I also supplement witth algae oil, which is high in both DHA and EPA. There is no EPA in flax. In addition, your body does not have to do the same conversion process with algae oil that it does with flax in order to make use of the Omega-3's. Fish that are low on the food chain, like sardines, eat ocean plants like plankton. I view supplementing with algae oil in the same light as supplementing with B12. Vegans supplement with B12 directly instead of eating the cow that has been supplemented with the B12 due to either denuded soil or confinement in CAFO's. Instead of eating the fish that ate the algae, just take the algae and leave the fish.
Astrid - Midwest US. Diagnosed 2006, OMS June 2016
I'm vegan too. I can't go back to eating fish, even if the HOLISM study showed that it had benefits for PMS.

Astrid, can you recommend an algae oil? Most seem to have sunflower oil in them.

I'm keen to know what else we should be doing by avoiding fish.
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OMS November 2015
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I take the Nordic Naturals brand. It has sunflower seed oil in it. After I finish up with that bottle I will probably switch to the Deva brand (which I love for being all vegan) and that also has sunflower oil in it. I figure you do the best you can do. It isn't an MCT saturated fat, and by taking it, I feel I can safely make up for foregoing the fish that is so highly emphasized in OMS.
Astrid - Midwest US. Diagnosed 2006, OMS June 2016
Hi Astrid,

I've just had a look at DEVA product. I wonder how many pills we need to take of these per day.
I started on the Deva brand the other day. I take 4 capsules per day as well as supplementing with 2 tablespoons daily of flaxseed oil in my morning smoothie. Dr. Greger recommends 250 mg daily of algae-derived long-chain omega-3’s (EPA/DHA). 2 capsules of Deva brand algae oil provide 180-210 mg DHA and 90-120 mg EPA - 300 mg total. I take double what Greger recommends on the theory I need more to heal my brain than the average MS-free bear. Not cheap, but I am not eating the fish, so it makes sense to put the seafood money into a good quality algae supplement.
Astrid - Midwest US. Diagnosed 2006, OMS June 2016
Hi. Thanks very much for your reply.
I've just ordered some DEVA algae oil today. I probably will need less of it than you do as I do eat fish, however I am looking at scaling down my consumption of it. I can't really use flaxseed oil as its phytoestrogenic properties had really awful effects on me.
I'm also looking at buying some pro biotic pills as well now.
Hi Cakebylara,
I haven't read the new OMS book. Can you give me the gist of what it says about salt?
Also, for the record, I'm vegan and I supplement my vitamin B's but nothing else extra. I'm pretty good on it.
Thanks in advance,
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