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Hi all

I was just taking a look at Matt Embry's new website, and when I googled it this thread popped up.

I had a smile at the date it was written. Long before I had my first MS symptom, and I wouldn't have known hardly anything about MS at the time!

I found all the comments very interesting and helpful as I have long struggled with the same question re soy and legumes etc.

Veg, question for you...I tried stacking the diets and found it really hard.

I do have leaky gut, gut issues like yourself so I am wondering how you go with OMS diet and not eating legumes. Does this include beans?? What are your staple dinners?? I am eating legumes once a week but not keen on eating them if it is going to cause challenges in the long term. Maybe an allergy test would sort it out for me??

interestingly I saw a naturopath when I had symptoms, but was undiagnosed and her recommended diet to me was exactly the same as OMS, but to avoid legumes!

Anyone seen Matt's new website?

Lots of love to you all

Have been eating legumes for a while now since being more vegan with no noticeable affect.
Historically I stopped eating them and equally did not notice a difference when added back in.
Have you seen the latest blog on preparing legumes correctly?
Please share Nyran!
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