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I'm on the oms recovery program for the last 10 months and I feel good and hopeful. The other day I came across the book of Terry Wahls, an American doctor who approaches ms in a very similar way to Professor Jelinek. What really confused me is that she includes chicken and poultry recipes. Can anybody help with an explanation? :)
There are quite a few threads with lots of replies on this, probably best to read those. I think anything compared to standard diet is an improvement and will show as such but to maintain that gain I think that's the gamble as I don't see it working. Not forgetting that electrical stimulation was used. Eating 9 portions of vegetables absolutely go for that. Plus there's the if it includes what people don't want to change it is easier to sell.
Just to add to what Veg has said, the OMS lifestyle has a great deal of research to back it up, something which is a continuous process. As such, it is the most scientifically based lifestyle out there. For me it is this, and the many many people involved in the ongoing studies (large sample sizes) which give me the confidence to stick with OMS. I could be wrong about this, but I think the Terry Wahls diet is based on a research sample of just herself.
Depends which diet you follow i guess. Wahls and Best bet allow chicken and turkey OMS doesn't. Best to try the diets for yourself for a few months and see which works best for you. I seem to have more reactions to dairy, sugar and certain grains than what i do to grass fed meat/poultry but that's just me.
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