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my family is concerned about the amount of weight I am losing, i am of tall and skinny build anyway so i didnt need to lose any wieght.
my GP says i need to add more calories back into my diet.

my question is how can i safely do that without adding fats?
ps, i am already a very big eater.

thanks in advance
1st sign no diagnosis Oct 1999, DX 2007, SPMS 2011.

are you taking the flax seed oil? Are you avoiding fats?


Diagnosis: Jan 2010, OMS April 2010.

i am not avoiding fats as a deliberate action just trying to avoid saturated, trans and mono's as much as possible to stay under Georges limits.
i am still in the first 9months of the diet so i have been concentrating on the fish oil so i have not tried flaxseed oil as yet.
i am using very minimal extra virgin olive oil, close to none at all when cooking and most times i steam my fish.
my original thought was if i eat large portions of healthy meals i would stay on top of my weight, i would say i eat 2.5 times the portion sze of most people i know.

i have always been some-one who excercises but the only change in that area would be that i do less now.
i am seeing a Dietian but at the moment every part of his training is guiding me to cheat on this diet, and i am feeling so good at the moment i never want to stop.
i realise this is a very broad subject with loads of factors to take into account but any advice is much appreciated

1st sign no diagnosis Oct 1999, DX 2007, SPMS 2011.

I'm the same as you, I lost SO much weight. I'm very tall and slim now. I was concerned at first, but I'm used to it now, I don't look unhealthy I don't think!? I don't really see what else we can do. I eat tonnes and constantly. But the lack of sugar and sat fat seems to just make the weight fall off. I am however getting good fats in the form of fish and flax oils as well as olive oil, plus almonds and the occasional bit of avocado. I think that this is just the 'normal weight' I am supposed to be. It's just not what seems normal in the context of todays diets and bodyshape.

That's just me, if you are 'too skinny' and unhealthily so then all I can think of suggesting is adding more protein. Maybe in the form of pulses and nuts and seeds.

Also, try adding up ow much fat you actually eat. Maybe it's a little too low as that was the impression I got. I personally don't count the fat now. I just make sure I am getting enough healthy fats and avoid added sat fat.

I take flax and fish oil. Take a look a the recommendations and consume more flax and olive oil if necessary. If you've understood that those oils are to be limited, then you may be misreading the diet. Be careful not to make this a low fat diet. It is a low saturated fat diet and you should still have ample fat.

You can also add raw almonds and sunflower seeds. If you have a taste for it, hummus is calorie dense.

Diagnosis: Jan 2010, OMS April 2010.
I don't know what skinny is anymore. To me, most people look as if they perched on a sat fat fire hydrant and got the Michelin man treatment!

Watching WW2 footage of the toughest soldiers, I think most looked more like us (as in slim super healthy OMSers) than the person in the 2011 street.

Perhaps it is the scrawny neck, ribs, vertebrae, collarbones, knees, hips and jaw bones looking so angular that does it.

Maybe we should puff up like birds in layers of clothes, keep our wiry inner selves private.

Or maybe, like things from Texas being bigger so better, our friends fear we're less for being sleeker, not realising that the adipose that was in our old selves is replaced with strength, resilience and increased grey matter.
Normal around us is in fact fat and over weight.
People like to normalise other people to justify where they are and their weight.
I too have always been thin and now eating like this I have a very low BMI, but blood works are always in good range and I look good and feel great.
Deiticians are only going to say eat more cream and fat enrich your foods to put on more weight to become a perceived healthy. Perception can lie...
If you know you are eating well and not empty caolories then I would stick with it and see where you are in 6 months. My weight stabilised after the initital loss, but I do have to graze during the day and not stick only to 3 meals, but then the body is designed to be fed regularily to keep blood sugars stable.
Keep the faith in the changes you have made with following the OMS program.

For an insight into how wrong the food industry is and the twisting of medical perception of what is healthy take a rumage in forksoverknives.com and macdougal.com and a read of The China Study.
Prof Jelinek has pointed out that this isn't a low fat diet, and that we should be eating plenty of grains, nuts, seeds, seafood etc it's that most of the fat is unsaturated.

In addition, flax oil is the antithesis of saturated fat so there is no need to limit it, in fact take a bit more if you want.

I agree with Mess Positif about tough soldiers! Our perception of what is a "normal" weight has changed markedly since WW2 and food marketing becoming big read HUGE business. I listened to an interview with New Zealand's weight loss guru, and she said that goal weights are now 10kg (24lbs) HIGHER than they were 25 years ago! I've also noticed that clothes sizes have adjusted to suit the new "normal" so that people don't feel fat when they buy clothes. All part of the marketing.

In fact I agree with everything everyone else has said!

I'm back to the weight I was when I was 25 (I'm now 51) and look really well. There are still a couple of people who say I've lost too much weight (who could do with losing some themselves) but my GP (who is very slim herself) is extremely happy with my progress on the OMS program, including my weight which is just not an issue.

So listen to how you feel, not to others who don't really understand the issues.


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I find carbohydrates are more fattening than fat! I eat lots of bread, pasta, grains and rice and nuts, seeds, and pulses as as well as fruit, vegetables (including starchy vegetables) and seafood and if anything am putting on weight....
I started out at the mid-high end of the 'healthy' weight range for my height, lost weight over my first 6 months on the diet then stabilised, and now I'm at the mid-low end of 'healthy'.
I think I've stopped there because I still eat plenty of fat in nuts, seeds and fish. I'm also not as strict on cooking with oil as a lot of you guys (although still seriously more strict than the general population), so that's probably a bad thing, but I'm adapting my diet gradually to fit into my lifestyle (along with exercise and starting attempts at meditation) - I'm concerned that if I go too quickly I won't be able to monitor the effects on my condition (already gave my husband a bad scare a few months after I first cut out all meat and most dairy when I had a few near-fainting incidents and even had to call him from the bus-stop for help) - I've cut out all meat except skinless chicken breast, all dairy, coconut & palm oils, mostly stick to brown rice/pasta/bread, eggs are a rare treat, eating more fish and tons of fruit & veg.
I agree that what matters is feeling healthy, rather than fitting into particular categories.
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