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I'm only very newly diagnosed with MS. The problem I have is one of the health issues I had that started the process of being diagnosed is weight loss.
I am extremely underweight, have difficulty gaining weight since my neuropathies began. I'm lucky to maintain 46.5 kgs. My dietitian is at a loss as I currently consumer 2800 calories a day.

I recently went dairy free under the care of an allergist and lost 2 kgs putting me at the lowest weight I have ever been (just under 45 kgs). I abandoned being dairy free at the point.

Can anyone tell me if they have put on / stayed the same weight on this diet. I really want to do it as my neuropathy attacks drive me mad but I've been told if I get to under 45kgs again I will need to be hospitalised.
I think the place to sart may be to share a typical day of what you eat?
You should be gaining weight on that many calories.

Is your diagnosis certain? I think weight loss and your symptoms could be caused by some other ailment. I would get a second opinion by a doctor and not an allergist.


Diagnosis: Jan 2010, OMS April 2010.
Sorry I should have said diagnosis has been made by MS Clinic at Box Hill Hospital. I was under allergist to see if there was anything else going on as well (as I'm told weight loss is not normally associated with MS). The allergist says I have no underlying allergies.

Normal Day Diet (not dairy free etc).

B: Nut free museli, peach & 2% milk or Porridge, peach & 2% milk
S: Fruit smoothie (milk, banana, ice cream) plus 1 piece of toast with peanut butter
L: Chicken Salad Sandwhich or Lentil Vegie Soup & large bread roll plus a piece of fruit
S: 4 x pancakes / maple syrup
D: On of following options - Lamb Stew / Tuna Spaghetti / Shepherd's Pie / Grilled Fish & Roast Vegies plus 1 glass 2% milk
S: 3 x weetbix, 1 pear & 2% milk

All serving sizes are at least 2 cups of stew etc to 1 cup rice / pasta etc. I make my own bread and the slice size is double a normal supermarket bread.

Have you looked at whether you have a problem with your body not absorbing what you are eating? This would be situation where I would get tested by an expert for Celiac disease-include the biopsy investigations too.

Never heard of MS the disease causing weight loss. But look at where the leisions are on the MRI; if it is in the areas of the brain that regulates automatic functions which includes digestion i guess it has the potential to mess with such things. I'm not a neurologist so I am only guessing.
The area is called the medulla oblongata
http://www.britannica.com/EBchecked/top ... -oblongata.

I became aquainted with this area of my brain when my breathing was affected by an attack; it is facinating, it regulates all sorts of things that really should not be messed with.

Thyroid is another area that deffinitely affects such things; has this been properley investigated?. I have friends (mother and daughter) with a thyroid condition that makes them ridiculously thin.

As others have mentioned it is worth investigating other conditions that may cause this servere weight loss and keep pushing until they find the reason.

Incidently if it is MS then you need to not be eating any dariy.
Dx 1992 OMS 25-2-09
Thanks Kashu.

It's taken 8 months to get an MS diagnosis - before that I've been through a gastroscopy, colonoscopy & blood tests - all negative for Celiac Disease as well as stool tests & gluten free diet - negative for non-coeliac gluten intolerance. I've also been through an endocrinologist and been found negative for diabetes, addisons and thyroid disease.

Most docs focussed on my weight loss and had no interest in my arm numbness and increasing leg weakness. Nor my blurred vision and bladder problems.

My MS was diagnosed by lumbar puncture not MRI so no lesions that they can see.

I decided yesterday to just jump into the diet and see how I go. If I lose too much weight, I'll try to compensate or just stop if I have to.

I have found this forum to be so helpful!!
You must feel like a lab rat! you poor thing.
I hope the answer becomes clear in time; at the very least the Program will make you healthier than you have ever been.

I've never been into forums on the internet. I have often found the odd one I have looked at to be offensive in the way they speak to each other there is no real constructive help.

In this forum I think we all try really hard to be helpful and upbuilding, I certainly try very hard to be and I get a lot of value from what others share.

Sometimes it's nice to be able just to ask for other's opinions on something and know they at least understand.
Dx 1992 OMS 25-2-09
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