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I guess if anything perhaps portion control.

To be honest I haven't bothered with calories as the diet is such that many including me have lost weight, a fabulous side effect :D
Dx 1992 OMS 25-2-09
I eat lots and lots and lots of leafy vegetables, which increase my food volume and keep me full for longer. Plus, I try to incoporate permissable fats with my carbs and protein wherever possible 8-) . Fats lower the GI and make me feel full for longer...
This is a good topic. before I had MS to deal with, my biggest concer was diabetes. It used to be 114 (6.45 mmol/L) and since being on the diet has gone down to 100 (5.56mmol/L). But I"m still concerned and would like to lose more weight (I'm at a 29bmi). The problem is that my weight doesn't move. I did weightwatchers and actually weighed in at the same weight 3out of 4 times, to one decimal point. I know I'm still eating too much, but it is difficult. I just don't feel like carrots sometimes.

Diagnosis: Jan 2010, OMS April 2010.
Alex I have battled with weight issues all my life; done some dumb diets but also some really good ones which along with the amount of exercise I was doing it should have melted off me. But no and it was demoralizing.

Now years on and capable of WAY less excercise and will never be able to do enoughof it to burn hardly anything.
In the first year (in 8 months) of the Program I dropped 12kg effortlessly with a pathetic amount of exercise. But again after while of eating fabulously on the Program I actually put on a couple of kg's and after over 2yrs have not lost anymore.

I know it's not the Program because for most people eating such an excellent diet the weight comes off slowly but surely.

The one time I did Weight Watchers it brought me to tears, I was doing it perfectly and lost NO weight while it was falliing off my friends. The Leader had that horrible look on her face which said I KNOW you have been a pig because everyone else has lost weight.

It has been recently discovered by the Specialist GP I have been seeing that I have an underactive Thyroid; so there is the answer I have been searching for...............
I wish this had been discovered 20yrs ago! Once we get the meds right I hope the weight will start to move again.

Like me, maybe there is some underlying issue which is preventing you from losing.

I feel your pain! :x

ps good work on the blood sugars tho, that is a real positive
Dx 1992 OMS 25-2-09
Since I am gluten free, low saturated fat (fish only, occasional chicken), no sugar, no dairy, etc my concern is more about keeping calories up. I do this with sunflower seeds and almonds, but feel divided about this, as occording to other doctors Omega 6 cause inflammation and are to be avoided. On the other hand I did find one study that said inflammation stimulated remyelination.... Hmmm, so what is a lay person to do about all this and not shrivel to nothing? I need something in my diet that provides calories!
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