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Hi- could somebody out there help me? i have been on this diet for 4 years ( since I got diagnosed with MS) and to start with I lost some weight which made me underweight. Last week I got a gastric flu with fever and and was really exhausted for a week, lost another 4 lbs- about 2 kg and my feet are very week and haven't healed yet. (I hope they will). Have somebody experienced something like it, I really need to put on some weight or it might be difficult to withstand any sort of infections in the future. The question is: what can I eat to increase my weight?
aare, norway
I don't know, but I imagine that you should eat more calorie dense foods. You're in Norway, so you should be able to get that wonderful north Atlantic mackerel. It's so fatty. There's also nuts and sees which pack a lot of calories. Also, don't forget the things where are allowed - Sugar for one, beer & wine and grains. There must be something you could eat loads of? I have to stop myself eating too much flat bread with olive oil. Let's not forget Hummus either.

Diagnosis: Jan 2010, OMS April 2010.
Crusty bread dipped into olive oil and balsamic vinegar?
My main tip for maintaining weight is snack lots. Your main meals are so much lower in calories than on a typical European diet - snack in between to keep yourself going.
I would increase the amount of carbs your eating - i have gained at least 5 kilos through overloading on wholemeal bread and pasta plus treating myself to waaay too much honey! :roll:
Thank you for your advices. I was really happy when i saw there was a few answers. :D The thing is I have been quite restricted to sugar, but now I think I'll do good with a bread and honey-cure. I just made some crispbread with sunflower seed, sesame seed, flax seed mixed with porridge oats and a little bit of white flour just to get it to stick together. They taste great with honey- must be loads of calories I'll try the different suggestions from you, specially in between meals and hope it will help.
I hover around the underweight BMI range.
I can not tolerate much sugar, refined sugar and some fruits set things off so are a no no.
I snack between meals, though I do not add oil to anything.
Snacks may be, bananas, hand full of nuts, home made banana bread chunck, raisons, prunes, dates, small bowl of oat cereal.
Basically I eat whenever I feel hungry, I do not necessarily wait to meal time to eat, I do still eat 3 main meals but the size varies.

But I have pretty much always been slim, so this is not new to me.
The only times I have weighed more I was eating a crappy diet with convenience food in it.

I don't have total faith in the BMI chart (America changed their one... so maybe Britain's got fudged too)

I think in ourselfes we know if we are too thin.
veg wrote: [...]I can not tolerate much sugar, refined sugar and some fruits set things off [...]
Can you expand on "things" please veg? I'm beginning to associate sugary intake with negative effects, though actual MS symptoms for me are both a kaleidoscopic chaos, muddled up with old injury issues, and generally delayed reactions to whatever are recent irritants (so hard to correlate with confidence).
veg wrote: [...]I don't have total faith in the BMI chart [...]
I find BMI measures crude at best (taking no account of muscle and bone proportions or densities). I think that pinching ourselves (skin fold measures) might be a more meaningful indicator of body fat, see http://www.dietandfitnesstoday.com/body-fat-percentage-index.php. (I'm currently around 10.5% body fat, BMI 20.5). This largely side steps hydration effects and what we happen to have in our tums at the time.

I wonder if exercise should be a part of a weight gain program, as it builds muscle as well as giving us a healthy appetite.
If say I have a peice of fresh pineapple, then within about 10 minutes my legs go dead heavy.
Pears are bad too.
Grapes same but slower and milder reaction to them.
Processed sweet is out, I love Natures Path bars, but they are too sweet and can only manage 1/4 of a bar without affecting legs. But then they have glucose syrpt which is a wheat derivative and I am gluten free through choice.
Raisons whilst sweet for example and prunes I am OK with.

As long as I do not over do the sugar then I can tolerate it, but if it is too much or certain fruits I soon know so I am careful of what I eat.
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