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I have been following this diet for 18 months religiously, as it has completely transformed me. I am very petite and have always had to eat a lot to keep my weight on. I spend huge amounts of time preparing and cooking food, yet I am still conscious that I should be doing something more to keep my weight on. I eat nuts and avocado. Can anyone suggest some healthy ways to achieve weight gain?
I second that question. I've lost 1 stone in less than 2 months and need to ensure I don't lose any more.
I sort of assumed that this is the kind of healthy diet that would let you stabilise at your ideal weight, but maybe I'm living in a fool's paradise? I've gradually been dropping down little by little, but I reckon I still have ten kilos to go. As long as you are within your BMI range, you are going to be okay aren't you?

I would say to eat as often as you are hungry (I graze all day) but it's all healthy low fat food and I'm still dropping the weight slowly. Could you up your fatty fish intake, or would you allow yourself the 'cheat' of eating lean chicken or turkey breast?
I think the adult population of the western world hate you for asking this question. lol

Anyway, I'm still about 8kgs off my BMI and dropping slowly so I don't share your plight yet.

My best advice is target the things that are highest in kilojoules but the things we desperately need for maximum effect like the good omega 3 oils in fish and flaxseed, complex carbohydrates in brown rice, lentils and baked potato. Olive oil is neutral but high in kilojoules. Just watch that your saturated fat doesn't breach the 20gram mark. Remember that the Prof. says Swank didn't count bread so go for it.

In your adventageous situation for dinner for example I would grill a beautiful piece of fresh fish with veges, brown rice with tomatoes, shallots,capsicum, pine nuts, raisens, olive oil and soy sauce, and throw in a baked potato topped with the cauliflower butter recipe from another post. Then finish with a ripe mango and other fresh fruits. For later on I couldn't go past a freshly toasted thick slice of ciabatta bread topped with peanut butter (2.5grams of sat. fat) banana and generous serving of honey. The problem will be your stomach won't fit all that in for one meal so you'll need to pace yourself and eat every few hours.

Sorry if this sounds overly simple but you know the real secret to dieting success is to know your daily kilojoule intake minus you daily kilojoule output including your resting metabolic rate. Success will be guaranteed.

For example for women this calculation to determine your resting metabolic rate is:
[655.1 + (9.56 x weight in kilograms) + (1.85 x height in centimetres) - (4.68 x age)] x 4.2

Once you work out your resting metabolic rate then you'll need to multiply this number by an activity factor depending on how much exercise you do per week:
Sedendary x 1.2
Lightly active x 1.375
Moderate x 1.55
Very active x 1.725
Extreme x 1.9

You need to eat 2000 - 4000 kilojoules more day to gain 0.5 - 1.0kg per week.

So get eating and enjoy this delicious vegan plus seafood diet. I look forward to calling you both 'fatso' soon.

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I am 8 months pregnant and had trouble gaining weight at first. I was also eating nuts and avocado like you mentioned, but that wasn't doing it. What worked I think was, aside from regular meals, every hour or so having 2 slices of toast with nut butter or air-popped popcorn or cold pasta salad or fruit and crackers... that kind of thing. So something starchy that would fill me up did the trick. I tried to add a little more than I could handle at meals, too. Like for breakfast I always used to have a bowl of porridge and a banana - now I have that plus toast. It's a lot of work, though! I eat A LOT and have only gained 8 kilos so far with 1 month of pregnancy left. Good news is baby's estimated weight (from ultrasound) is right on track.

I go to this weekly new/expectant mum's group and all the new mums are confounded as to how to lose the baby-weight. I feel like telling them how simple it can be :)
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Have a big glass of red wine with your evening meal (lots of calories and zero fat), plus it is actually good for you as long as you don't overdose.
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Obviously, the same advice does not apply to the pregnant lady !
DX 07.2007. In to year 13 of OMS .
'Laughter is the closest distance between two people'
Thanks for all the input so far.
All the food you mention is food I eat, which suggests I am almost doing the right thing. Maybe I'm just not snacking enough and need to be more disciplined about it.

By the way, peanut butter was mentioned. My understanding is that peanuts are not as "good" a nut as those such as almonds, walnuts and macadamia nuts because of their omega 3/6 ratio. (If this isn't true, please feel free to correct me.) I now buy almond butter, which I use instead of peanut butter. Tastes lovely.
I think your weight will stabilize after a while -- I lost of lot of weight and looked skeletal for months, but it has stabilized. I am still about 5lbs too thin, but I am OK with it. I eat a lot more bread and a lot more fruit than I used to.

Sorry about the peanut example. I stand corrected. Looks like peanuts aren't all they're cracked up to be. I just searched the OMS site and found the good Prof say:

'Tahini is fine, but peanut butter usually has altered artificial oils added to it. If you can find one that is just crushed peanuts, then it is not too bad, but almond paste has less saturated fat.'

I only discovered peanut butter the other night and thought it looked and tasted ok, but now that I have a second look mine is from Aldi and made in China and has vegetable oil which is code for altered fats.

So this little grasshopper owe you wise owl a big thank you..

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