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Having only been on OMS eating regime for 2 weeks I wonder if anyone else experienced a significant weight gain early on in the process? I have followed everything to the letter and the reality is that there isn't a massive change from what I ate previously but the scales say I have gained almost 3kgs in 2 weeks...not a trend that I want to continue for too long.
Funny you should mention this, but I too am in week two of my fish popping diet (so yummy :D) like you. My othe main change is no cream, milk and cheese as I have always eaten a pretty healthy fish, whole food plant based diet so why am I putting on weight? I have put it down to my age and hormones (44). Other posts I have read talk about losing weight on this diet (which I think I was secretly hoping to do) I decided to not step on the scales for another 2 weeks and then review. If I am still putting on weight I shall keep a food diary and see if I have a portion problem as maybe my brain thinks I am resrticting my food intake because I am on this strict ( hopefully life changing) diet and so is without me realising compensating by encouraging me to eat more. Or perhaps it's my daily glug or two of red wine as this is my not so secret pleasure :shock:
For now though as it's all so new I am trying to relax into this new appraoch which is not easy with xmas coming up and lots of social invites out :cry: I have rung so many restaurants this week to see if they will cater for me. Some have been great others well lets say they have been not as great. So many people saying one night off won't matter is hard too. But I am determind for the first 9 months to be true to the plan.
At least I have xmas day sorted :lol: Lobster for my xmas dinner. I explained this to my teenage kids and guess what no turkey in the house this year they wanted lobster too and hubby was so pleased as he said he has always hated turkey so he is deciding between sweet juicy lobster and a prime rare fillet of best steak!! Luckily traditional parents have decided to head over to my brother who has little children for xmas ( not to eat lol) so I don't feel guilty about the turkey just excited about a yummy christmas dinner with all the usual trimmings :) hope this helps as it's nice to find someone at the same point as me. I started on the 7th what was your start date ?
Hi Karen B and Hettie

Really interesting predicament to be gaining weight. I am into my 9th week and am not watching what I eat just yet but will be in a few months time as I have lost at least 3kgs. I only have another 6kgs to go before I am officially in the healthy BMI range, which is challenge the older we get.

So if you're eating low fat which cuts out a swag of kilojoules then all I can think is that you may be overdoing the pasta, bread, fruit, carbohydrates. I think the food diary for a couple of days to a week is an excellent suggestion Hettie. It is a pain I know on top of changing your diet but obviously something needs tweaking. Have you both been going for the daily walk, even when you don't feel like it? It is hard but I am really surprised at how much better I feel when I go for a walk during the day. It can really turn around my ability to walk by the night time.

I too have been bombarded by people trying to get me to eat this and that. 'It's all healthy, go on just try a little bit, it definitely won't hurt you.' Yes, some people are cruel. I explain that the protein molecules in the dairy and meat are very similar in composition to the myelin around my nerves. My immune system is confused and I don't want to trigger another attack thank you.

So, I am toasting you ladies with my second glass of red wine, as per safe drinking guidelines. The very best of luck to you both on this wonderful new journey.

Developed 5 May 2011, Diagnosed 4 Aug 2011, OMS 15 Sept 2011, Gluten-Free 22 February 2012, Recovery declaration 2 September 2014, recanting of recovery declaration due to relapse 14 October 2019.
I explain that the protein molecules in the dairy and meat are very similar in composition to the myelin around my nerves. My immune system is confused and I don't want to trigger another attack thank you.

I love this tactic I am copying it and wearing it as a placard around my well meaning friends- thank you
Hmm. That does seem like a lot for 2 weeks. Could it be unrelated to starting the OMS diet? I know for me, I was just starting the second of two IV steroid treatments when I started the diet (August of this year) and that treatment combined with being completely sedentary exercise-wise for quite awhile had packed 10 extra pounds (about 5 kg) onto my small frame. I find it takes about 2 months for me with any new regime to realize a benefit with weight and sure enough, 2 months into OMS the extra had gone - but it may have been just the steroids finally leaving and the fact I got on the exercise bike and started walking again.

Have you been able to exercise? Tingletingle has some great suggestions and I agree about the food diary too. Prior to this I was on a strict elimination diet in order to nurse my son (for 16 months) and ironically, I didn't lose a smidge on that diet where others have been skeletons doing similar things. Looking back, I sought solace in crackers and bread and even a soy butter substitute whereas in the past I'd been very careful not overdoing such things. So maybe you are focusing on carbs a bit too much and even overdoing it on proteins. Maybe researching some new vegan recipes might inspire you. I know I'm trying hard not to fall into the too much bread trap myself and am eager to find some new meal ideas that put the focus back on veggies.

Take care, both of you gals. You've made some fantastic changes and should be so proud. I keep reminding myself that it took awhile to get into this mess and it might take time to get myself out of it. But every meal, every day is a step toward recovery - no matter what the scale says!

Thanks All for your encouragement and suggestions.....especially the the food diary idea. Yes Xmas does have it challenges with the socialising that comes with it but a lobster Xmas lunch will be worth the wait!
Hormonal triggers for the weight gain are certainly thing I had on my radar given that I am in the mid 50s zone. As for the exercise it would seem that I might need to do more than my regular gym sessions each week. Have been a reluctant to go out walking because of a few recent falls......but maybe it is time to get back out there again as walking used to be my greatest form of relaxation and I certainly miss it.
It is nice to connect with others out there on their journeys and look forward to being there for each other.
I gained a little weight too, and it seemed to be related to having too much soy. I switched to rice milk and almond milk, and only have a little soy now and then. I have now lost that gain, and maybe a total of about 3kgs, (with heaps more to go).
I too expected to lose much more on this diet , so many people on here seem to have trouble keeping from being too thin.
It is amazing how different we are. But the benefits of regaining feeling in hands and arms, and losing limps and regaining energy are all worth it. I am sure the weight will go.

And thanks again Tingle Tingle for the reminder to walk every day!
Diagnosis Apr 2010, Coeliac Nov 2010. Procrastinated a bit. Fully OMS Sept 2011.
I noticed JaniceB reading your post that you have mention some significant changes such as loosing limps and regaining energy...just a couple of the things I am hoping will happen but as you rightly say we are not replicas of each other so my improvements may be quite different. How long have you been following the OMS eating plan? I am only three weeks in but I did have walk a short stint yesterday where I felt that I wasn't limping which was very encouraging. All gains are good gains...except perhaps the weight but a small price to pay to get ones' mobility and independence back!
Hi Karen
I was diagnosed inApr 2010. I started reading George's book not long after that and took a little while to fully embrace the dietary change.
I was having vitamin d checked and adding fish oil supplements. My Vitamin D was finally boosted by an injection last October. And I noticed significant improvements from then. I was also diagnosed with coeliac - so went gluten free last November, and noticed improvements in symptoms from that. I was having trouble adjusting to all of the changes and had reduced dairy, reduced meat, but not totally cut them out.
I finally bit the bullet and went the whole way about 3 months ago. Since then I have regained feeling in my hand. It was totally numb, but now only the slightest numbness in my fingertips remain. The limp I had at diagnosis went with the increased Vitamin d and I now have a level of 191 and take 10,000 a day. The energy improved around the middle of this year. My L'hermittes sign went about the time of the vitamin d injection.

Went I totally cut out dairy I replaced it with soy milk, soy cheese, etc and I think that was what contributed to weight gain. I now have some soy, but not REPLACE all dairy with it. I have lost that and a couple more kilos but it is very slow. I go twice a week to a gym (which helps my balance), and have just started yoga. I also walk maybe 2-3 times as well, but probably need to add much more walking to my exercise.

Hoping to hear that you are continuing to walk limp free and to keep on seeing improvements!
Diagnosis Apr 2010, Coeliac Nov 2010. Procrastinated a bit. Fully OMS Sept 2011.
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