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So I have been on here before - Just before I was about to go back to work - well I worked 9 months straight in an office environment.

Let me just recap
Dec 2010 I was Diagnosed
Tried copaxone came off it Jan 2011
Was not offered anything else due to the other interferons making me depressed
Started LDN Jan 2011
May 2011 - CCSVI procedure - Unblocked both minor jugular veins - Went in with brain fog and pain in hands and feet
July 2011 - Return to work - pain reduced alot
August - few new lesions very small , old leisons gone or shrunk
September - 2012 Minor Relapse - Numbness right leg around knee and under foot - still able to wear wedge heels
Feb 2012 - End of contract for work
Feb end of 2nd CCSVI procedure due to "thought" stenosis seen on ultrasound - veins were open ballooning was perfomed

Now I am confused.
I am out of work
My leg is still numb, I am dizzy and I have constant brain fog.
My eating habits are SHOCKING . I don't even want to mention what I had for dinner - fast food joint with golden arches.

Where do I start with the diet?
The vitamins I am on are

Powdered Magnesium
Powdered L'Carntine
Complex B Vitamin
Oil Leaf Extract teaspoon
Fish Oil - melrose 10Mil a day
Vitamin D drops 5000 IU a day
Ginko Biloba
Alpha Lipoic Acid

I really want to loose some weight too - I am over weight for my height and need to drop about 8 kilos according to the doctor.

I have 2 questions -

Whats the best way to get started on the diet - Progressively or just cold cut everything out?

What kind of exercise can I do if my leg is weak when it heats up or I use it a lot?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated - I can answer your questions about CCSVI too.

Thank you ,

Sophie :D
Welcome back Sophie!,

Start with your fridge and pantry, removing any items that you should not eat.

Look through the recipe sections and choose some recipes that appeal to you.

Write a shopping list and start cooking!

You will lose weight on this diet with very little effort.

Start a gentle exercise program .... walking or swimming?

Do you have any experience with meditation?

Have you had your vitamin D levels checked?

Spend some time reading the FAQs section on this website. There's a lot to learn.

Keep talking on the forum and asking questions .... there are wonderful people in this community who will give you lots of help!




OMG December 2011 OMS January 2012 OMS Retreat March 2012 Benign MS Sep 2015
Two Very Mild Relapses since diagnosis. Copaxone May 2013 No new lesions on MRI since diagnosis
Cut out red meat, deep fried food and dairy straight away. These are the main things and you can add more in later.

Start taking vitamin D supplements straight away, 5000 iu per day is good. This is very easy. You should have a vit D test too, and consider a one-off megadose if it's low, but there's no reason to wait to start taking daily supplements until after the test.

Start some kind of gentle exercise, like walking or swimming. Pilates is excellent. Start slowly and build up.
I think you have to go as soon as possible to the diet. Don't eat crap, and
remember: it takes time. Don't cheat (in the future): you cheat only yourself.
You have to choose. The others say good things. I am non that long on the diet.
All the best.

Welcome back Sophie, well done for coming back because this is the right place for everyone with symptons of MS or actual MS.
I have been on the diet for only 6 months and have noticed great improvements in balance and numbness and tingling sensations. All the advice here is amazing, the friends on here are fabulous - the best online support you could imagine.

I embraced this diet easily and quickly. Recently however I have stopped taking Fish oil and I have replaced it with Flaxseed oil. I did this 3 months early and within 5 days I felt tingling coming back. I have started alternating the days I take these oils now. I know if I do something wrong because my body tells me. Sometimes I don't know what it is, but it makes me more careful. When you put your heart into it, it is an easy diet to follow. There are substitutes you can have for chocolate and other dairy filled foods. Last night I used oat milk and desicated coconut in my Thai curry. I have been missing this soooooooo much. It was a great substitution and the sat fat was low enough. I have lost weight on this diet and you can too.

Good luck :)
First symptom (of many): May 2009
Started OMS: October 2011
'Inconclusive' diagnosis: January 2012
Decided no diagnosis required: February 2012
I also lost weight, without trying - about a stone in weight and 2 dress sizes in the first 6 months, but I ate (what I thought was) a fairly healthy diet before. Amazingly, I lost fat off my face and abdomen without my cup size shrinking :o !
Thank you everyone for your great advice!

What vegetables and fruit do you use the most as I am planning to go and do a shop!

I have been looking through the recipes and there seems to be a lot of yummy food you can make.

Thank you all so much and it's great to see that you all have had weight loss and abatement of symptoms!

Start by buying the fruit and veg that you actually like to eat.

Then list the ingredients from some recipes that appeal to you and buy in order to make these.

A wide variety is the best way to eat, and lots of vegies each day, not a little.

Look up the posts here on green smoothies .. you might like to try these. Here's the link:


Rome wasn't built in a day!




OMG December 2011 OMS January 2012 OMS Retreat March 2012 Benign MS Sep 2015
Two Very Mild Relapses since diagnosis. Copaxone May 2013 No new lesions on MRI since diagnosis
Hi Sophie,

I just wanted to say good luck with your new commitment to diet, and while you are eating this amazing food imagine the GOOD it is doing to your body. That way you are introducing some mindfulness into your eating as well. It isn't just a treatment (like a drug) it is actually a positive lifestyle choice - if you really embrace it then the benefits increase!
And, I would suggest that you become totally convinced of the science behind it, and of your chances of first halting the disease progression and then recovering. There is plenty of evidence and this is the reason to go down this path. So many people on the forum here are following the program (the whole program, not just the diet) and are seeing great results. Not miracles, just solid evidence of recovery. Check out the recently published research too, the five year follow-up of people who attended the retreats. http://www.overcomingmultiplesclerosis. ... umpets%21/

OMG April 2010 OMS June 2010
Welcome back!

Everyone's advice has been spot on... Get going with the basics and keep coming back here. I think the support is so helpful and there are truly amazing people here. I have always found diets to be really difficult, so I consider it a lifestyle. When I first began I tackled my weaknesses. I get really low blood sugar... And when I do, I make poor choices. Along with taking my vitamin d, and fish oil, I immediately made myself an emergency stash of food. I also found a few treats I could eat as well :)

It can be really hard to change the way you eat. Often food is a big part of our social lives. Try to think of ways to make this transition easier. I found that if I approached it full on - everyone in my life didn't have time to question what I was doing...,

Keep coming back here asking questions and looking for support. We are all in this together!!

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