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Okay so I have nearly been on the diet for 1 week now.
It seems that I have PUT ON weight?

The only thing I can think about that is putting weight on ( which never did before ) is the Effexor anti depressant I am on? I am only on the lowest dose. 37.5 mg but I never had a problem before with it and its been one year?

Numbness is still the same.
Fatigue still the same.

My diet during the week has consisted of something like this

Morning - Fresh Fruit a bowl
Lunch - Grilled chicken breast with veggies
Dinner - Big steak of salmon with rocket beanshoot's balsamic ( I haven't even looked if its okay??)
Snack - Natural popcorn?

So my diet hasnt been too bad. As for exercise. I have started working again so I am EXHAUSTED. I am only meant to work part time but for some reason this week they have asked me to do full time hours. So I walked Monday but havent done anything this week - I will on the weekend.

What else could be making me hold onto this weight!?
A daily walk, even just 10 minutes, will help you to feel better and less tired.

How much weight have you put on? Could fluid or extra muscle bulk contribute? Muscle weighs more than fat.

Worry less about your weight, and more about doing things (exercise) that make you feel good, and eating things that nourish your body well and delight your tastebuds, experiment with different vegetable recipes.

What are your vitamin D levels?

Have you tried meditation yet?




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