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Do most people lose weight on this diet or only if they cut back on the good oils? Thanks
Once you change your diet, you'll typically still need to eat the good oils so that you are getting enough fats into your body. You've probably been taught that oil is fattening and you're reluctant to "drink" large amounts of oil. But consider a BigMac and Fries would be about 60 grams of fat (and a lot of it saturated and altered). Or consider the cheese or milk you're not eating. At the end of the day, you may well consume less fat than before. Many people get dry hair and skin and need to increase their oil consumption.

So don't worry so much about oil. My weight is stable on the diet after losing initially.

Diagnosis: Jan 2010, OMS April 2010.
I lost about a stone (14 pounds) and 2 dress sizes over about 6 months, then stabilized.
In the first year I lost 10kg without even trying. It has stabalized at that unfortunately because I could do with another 10kg off.
Im not worrying too much because I must have damn good cell membranes and that means I am WAY healthier!
Dx 1992 OMS 25-2-09
Lost 10 kg over six months, and still losing! Quite a big lady still, but looking forward to being smaller ...


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It is now 3 weeks since I've started with the diet and even though I feel I'm eating a lot I lost some weight and I'm now somewhat underweight (BMI 18.4). Any recommendation on healthy snacks that provide a lot of energy? Thanks!
Raw nuts, just watch the sat. fat in them tho
Dx 1992 OMS 25-2-09
I've lost about 3kg after 3 months on the diet.

And thanks Alex ... I was feeling that 20 ml flaxseed oil (on my spoon and in my bowl) seemed a lot - enjoyable though it is - but I feel better about it now!
I lost weight after a few weeks, but now I have been making use of the recipe section here and know exactly what I can eat, there are so many choices and my weight has levelled out. I am 53 kgs and 162 cms (high, not round). I think that I am the weight that I should be because the food we can eat is optimum for health. At the beginning I also noticed my skin was dry and realised I was not eating enough good oil. Now I always put EVOO on my cous cous after it has cooked and pour flax seed oil or hemp on my salads. Nuts are a great treat as are the chocolate cookies etc on the recipe section. Smoothies have far more calories than I thought and I always have one WITH my breakfast not FOR! I don't think there is any way I will lose weight now that I have fully established this diet into my lfe.
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