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walnuts are really tasty in salads and desserts
Yes fried oils are really bad, not only is the temperature so high it destroys the oil and makes it bad but the oil could actually be old and already heated to frying temerpature many times. It is a big unknown when having fried food so it comes under a complete no no on the OMS programme.
I love walnuts.
Also frying is usually done with bad oils like palm oil. However I just tried to learn were frying starts and roasting ends. Roasting some veg or tofu in a teflon-coated pan with some olive oil is ok, right?

But For this yummy recipe: http://www.vahrehvah.com/recipedetails. ... cipe_id=17 the chef adds quite some oil (3:50) which seems to get quite hot. Would you consider this an unhealthy way of cooking?

Roasting is also a not really as you have to watch the temperature the oven is at and roasted food is often very fatty/oily etc.
We have to embrace some different ways to cook our wholesome food.
In the book OMS there are tips on cooking, frying is also covered and why not to.
Have you been able to read the book?
Any heating oil in a pan is a no no like in that recipe, saute in water is OK and can be done with practice. With a bit of trial and error I expect you could make that dish without the oil :- )
The thing I see with the change of how we eat is how well do we want to be and how well do we want to remain especially if we are at the start of our MS journey where we have the foil of current wellness masking the opportunity that the lifestyle changes could provide.
Swank is very inspirational for this, good dieters did very well, bad dieters well they progressed and/or died.
I manage to cook with no oil inclding any occasional cakes I may make, and if I compare what I eat now to what I did eat it is very different but it is now habit and what I do and has become comfortable becuse of that but I do recall it was a bumpier ride at the begining.
Try to get walnuts in their shell and crack your own. Fats are healthier that way - less chance to go rancid (walnuts and other nuts like pecans go rancid more easily). Not hard to crack with a standard cracker

Aussies there are low sat fat cashews in woolies. Might be sunbeam brand. They're grown in Vietnam or somewhere like that, so I assume growing conditions there must affect nutrition. Sat fat % is similar to almonds, so it's my new indulgence. The things you discover when you stare wistfully at every packet...
veg wrote: Any heating oil in a pan is a no no

My understanding of 'frying' and the 'no no' was done in a frying pan with a lot of very hot and often even reused palm oil. For roasting in a teflon pan with a bit of olive oil on a medium heat and putting the other things like vegetable early in the pan too so that the temperature doesn't get to high I assumed the quality of the fats would still be acceptable.

I don't have any data on the impact of heating on the oil quality with for different oil types and temperatures. As far as I know such a pan roasting (for veg like zucchini and aubergines or for onions and garlic) is quite common in Mediterranean countries with low MS rates.
The Omsarian wrote: Try to get walnuts in their shell and crack your own.

I'll try but I think I eat more of them when they're ready to be eaten. The one I buy come in a sealed plastic bag and it doesn't stay open for long at my place...

The Omsarian wrote: The things you discover when you stare wistfully at every packet...

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