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Hi there. Since starting the OMS diet in April this year I have gradually put on body fat. I have gone from 90kg to 94kg, and 89cm to 93cm around my waist (I am male). I was a healthy body composition/weight for my height before starting the diet due to being highly active and generally avoiding processed food. I am suspecting that the fish oil and flaxseed oil supplementation is doing it. I am taking 20 x 1g fish oil tablets per day (less if I have fish). I was having more than the 20ml of flaxseed oil each day because it is so yummy and I thought I could have a free-for-all given that it is good fat. So, maybe going in excess of the 20ml (sometimes up to 80ml) of flaxseed oil is sadly tipping the scales for me.

Given that I thought I wouldn't have to worry about body fat on a vegan plus seafood diet, this fat gain is disappointing. I am figuring that fat gain around the belly is not healthy even if it is made up of omega 3s.

Has anyone experienced similar issues? Any thoughts or tips?

With thanks.
Trust you to be difficult, JLC.

First of all, you are supposed to LOSE weight on this diet. And second, you are the Poster Boy four our retreat group, so you're not allowed to deteriorate into a blob! Think of all us middle aged ladies who will be so disappointed!

Seriously, though, what else is different? Are you exercising as much as you used to? Can you keep a food/drink diary for a week and do a count of calories, fats, sat fats, etc? Let me know if you want a site link where you can do this online.


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I would go on keeping a food diary too, also that sounds way too much flaxoil.
Whilst it is better then other fats and there is a reason why we have it, it is not free for all.
Will be interesting to see a food diary, even one for a couple days might give a clue.
This eating approach should see a lean mean machine, even if not overweight to start with :)
The other reason a food diary would be good is whilst this approach is not about counting fats I think you need to to see that you are not exceeding the aim of 10g or less a day of saturated fats. Inititally the fish oil load may blow that but need to look at the rest of the pattern of what you are eating.
Well I'll be...! I have no idea how you could possibly be putting on weight following this diet even if you are having 80mls flaxseed.
I've lost 8kgs in 10 months and have had to introduce potatoes to halt the decline.

Yes, food diary will pick up what's going on. Maybe you could share your normal routine including exercise with us.

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Thanks, Team, for your input re my chubbiness concerns. Don't get me wrong, I feel very fit and healthy on the OMS diet and I am not expanding out of control. I was just a little surprised to see a few extra cms around the waist and kg on the scales. Susie and Tingletingle, you make a good point re exercise. I probably have reduced my volume of exercise over the past month or so. I would typically do 5 to 7 hours per week, but that has dropped by half probably so I will increase that again.

I am completely committed to the vegan plus fish diet (and loving it), so erring from the programme can't explain the fat increase. Your suggestions about a diary are very valid as perhaps I am eating too much oats with honey for breakfast (and sometimes as a treat after my veges at dinner time). I will monitor that. I think also that I was getting carried away with the flaxseed oil on bread at lunch time as it is soooo good. I think I was getting up to 80ml a day for a while there. I have brought that back down to 20ml.

So, basically, getting back to 5 to 7 hours per week of exercise and bringing my flaxseed oil back down to 20ml might rectify the fat issue.
Susie, that link you suggested would be much appreciated. Thanks.

Thanks all.
Kind regards.
Are you on any meds that are doing it? For eg steroids have this side effect.
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Try this one:



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Have you upped your intake of carbs to compensate for other things you are 'missing out' on? Glasses of wine at night, eating lots of bread, any sugary snacks?

Maybe try going gluten free for a few months. Once I stopped eating bread (gluten free 'bread' is inedible, so for me, gluten free pretty much meant bread free), I found I shed kilos faster. You might also find that once you stop eating bread, you won't get as 'hungry' as you once did.

Good luck.

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